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Happy Holidays


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Happy holidays everyone.


We got snow for Christmas morning here which was a nice bit of flair, other than that its been 'fairly' quiet. We did have a bomb threat at one of the central rail connections again this year so everything is following tradition...


I hope you are all enjoying the season (be it hot or cold) and that they new year treats you kindly!



Since we are a bit of a mixed lot, I thought it might be an idea to share a bit tradition/culture - so I found a video on youtube showing a danish Christmas song. It is -very- simple so everyone in the family can participate, and the speed makes it lively. I am not sure how common it is, but in my family we do much like the people in the video, a few trips around the tree and then dance in line into every room of the house (still singing). This is usually the last song we sing, as you tend to work up a sweat, be short of breath and generally need to sit down and relax afterwards.


The song goes like this;

"nu er det jul igen og nu er det jul igen og julen vare lige til påske - nej det er ikke sandt nej det er ikke sandt for der imellem kommer fasten!". Which translates roughly (thank you Google!) to;

"It's Christmas again and it's Christmas again and Christmas lasts until Easter. - No that's not true no that's not true for in between comes Lent!"


Afterwards comes tea 'n coffee and the unwrapping of gifts. (This is all done on the 24th, the party, the food, the song and dance and the presents).



So to keep things alive, how does everyone else celebrate their holidays?

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