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More references to our mystery hostess...


"She ought to be proud, but of course, she has German heritage, doesn't she? I shouldn't be surprised after all. Perhaps I will leave her one of my eagle feathers."

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I have a few ideas on that hostess, Yuri. As for the interview...

I loved how many shots they took at everyone. They took a poke at Scharnhorst. They even went for the people who kept mistaking her for a morgana over the first dozen or so voting weeks. She's exactly what I expected her to be, and more. I love her Prussian glory and virtue. Her strict demeanor is complimented by her attention to detail. I honestly would have loved to hear which of Foch's quotes she was going to say. I like her ship statistics as well. Her armament is strong, and she can make reasonable top speed. Her cruising speed is excellent, although I must say I am disappointed by her dismal cruising range.

As for the UI, the game looks a lot nicer. The music was good, and the layouts and buttons look simple enough. I wonder why Algerie has an American background, as opposed to a French one. I would also like to note that the combat looks more refined and you can easily tell a hit from a miss, although the pacing is a little quick for my tastes. You don't get the chance to take in the battle and really see what's going on. I absolutely loved the dialogue examples with [REDACTED] as well. Each [REDACTED] Belle seemed quite interesting to talk to, and I'm intrigued by the fact that they are quite content to talk about other belles that are in the fleet. Would those dialogue options only be unlocked if you have that belle? Anyways, the captain's responses were amusing to say the least, so I can't wait to see what dialogue options we'll have in game.


I think that's about it for my summary for now.


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For the record, it was:


"Every attack, once undertaken, must be fought to a finish; every defense, once begun, must be carried on with the utmost energy."


...a few others were cut, alas. :)

I do love Ferdinand Foch, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Great War. He was brilliant, and his quotes reflect a sort of reckless genius, if you can call it that. One of my personal favorites is:


My center is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I shall attack.

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Glorious quotes from Foch there. Top notch interview, but something about the video bugged me.....oh, right.




other than that though, good stuff. I may even consider reeducating her!

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[Redacted]: No. Unacceptable. You should go after [Redacted] instead. I’d be much less annoyed, and she’s practically a nudist, which could be good for your morale.

If that's not a reference to the Belle who, for whatever reason, decided that whatever she found laying on the ocean floor made for a good outfit I don't know who that's referring to.

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>I am! The crew has been practicing their drills, and I for one am greatly looking forward to meeting the Admiral.
We have Admirals ?


>I’d be much less annoyed, and she’s practically a nudist, which could be good for your morale.

If it is Romance... Love txts will be 18 or 21+ ?



>generic greeting of the day

>listing Nenohi/Fubuki as CA

Influence will be $/mission rewards ?

>40xMod icons :maybe show as list option?

>still wrong Map

bigger icons : for mobile?

>still 66knh fleet

>still 3D planes vs 2D UI



-Junkfrau as is




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Junkfrau. :)


Love text is 18+, from what I have read.


Generic Greeting and Class came from the export, behind the scenes, Fubuki and Nenohi had larger caliber guns, too. ;)


Influence can come from mission rewards too, yes.


The modification displays are still under construction- may be more than one way to view it, but we'll see.


Range/speed on the maps will come later, probably after bases, because bases have an impact on the former.


Bigger icons are definitely needed! There's been a lot of discussion on that relative to the testing. :)


Air UI essentially hasn't been touched since the last iteration, they just were showing it to allude to something else...;)

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