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It's a bit of a joke. :)


Might have to rewatch it because I think I missed it (unless its a reference to us being Rusbouifs or however the French call us. Or Beefeaters)

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Beefeaters. :)


Wahay, got it!


It was pretty much confirmed Bulldog's my waifu from near enough the get go when I found out about her history, her voice acting, favorite food and everythin, but this just seals the deal

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I can't imagine Bulldog'd hate Roast Beef Hash







And a pint of Newcastle Brown to wash it down with (They were around since 1927)





EDIT: Let's not also forget this fact.



In the North East, Newcastle Brown Ale is often given the nickname "Dog", alluding to the British euphemism of seeing a man about a dog


Ergo, Bulldog's Ale of choice

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I expected this two days ago, on Boxing Day. :P


She is much more mellow than I expected, based on the reputation she has around these forums and especially after the "Angry Belle" section of Mahan's update.


Sounds like her bite is worse than her bark. ;)


I enjoyed the video! Her voice is a lot more smooth than I expected but that'should not bad at all. And as mentioned already chibi Bulldog is cute!

I agree. I also settled into it by the end.

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FINALLY! Your video interviews are not only cool to see in regards to the history of the ship, but it also spotlights the voice actors for the ships - one of the selling points of Victory Belles.


Be sure to get this to Gaijin Goombah so he can advertise to his fans. I think Bulldog was his favorite Belle from his video :).

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