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Captain's Association, Round 32: Vote by Sunday, 2/5, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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For IFF:



A1->D1 /Unknown* / Houston /Stewart / Algérie /

A2->D2 / Profintern / Unknown* / D'Aosta / Maillé Brézé /

A3->D3 / Verdun / Camicia Nera / Maass /Moskva /

A4->D4 / I-8 / Béarn / Hans Lüdemann / Henley /

NOTE: *There are ideas about who these are- etcetra, etcetra. VA announcement, Twitter pic, interview or ID from Legate to change 'em from unknowns.


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D'aww, you guys are the best.





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