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Thanks Legate,

Ah! Actually, there's already a font slider on the Menu panel, it's just not labeled. Maybe listing the hotkeys (+/-) and labeling the Font slider would be enough?



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One of my characters has no ring slots in the inventory screen, so cannot equip rings.

Registering as a student at Avendra's Studio notes that there is an expenditure of 200 pims in the Day's log of events, but the Day's log of events makes no record of anything gained for this, and I was unable to find the action Training at Avendra's Dance Studio.



Registering as a student at Avendra's Studio adds the Memory "Registered at Lelandra's Studio". But this is inconsistent - it should either be Lelandra's Studio or Avendra's Studio.

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No problems for me with the Ring of Sweet Summers, so... might be an issue unique to Rhialto's save.

@ Rhialto

Did you check the 2nd or 3rd page of equipment? See above post in response to Sempai for the location of the yellow and green buttons.

@ Legate 

Thanks, also don't forget the hotkey listing. That might be just as important since the font size hotkeys solve the large or small text issue for activity selection. Making things in the UI easier to figure out for Steam users who don't use the forums is probably a good idea.

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Sure no problem, Rhialto.

BTW, can't remember if I posted this, but:

Clicking on a skill (except Bond skills) in the familiar's skill list shows the character's skill and skill steps. This makes it impossible to know via the UI how many skill steps are required to raise a familiar's skill. 

If it's impossible to fix the link, maybe familiar skills can be listed with skill steps in parenthesis after the skill level? Ex: Danger Sense 1 (2/3) 

A similar solution could be useful for displaying student skills as well, if linking doesn't work.

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In Early Morning Chill:

Failed the initial Negation roll, but succeeded at the subsequent glamour rolls, to pass out of the stage. Now both "Early Morning Chill" and its next stage, "Every Man Has His Emblem", show as available adventures... (Which means that I can do the adventure twice.)

2xEarly Morning Chill.PNG

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remove extra word:

Random Event Aranaz 5

You round the corner and run straight into five Aranaz students, some of them upperclassmen. All five are blocking your block path -- nothing aggressive, they're just standing there with their arms folded.

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Spelling/autocomplete error:

Random Event Performance 16

There is a sense of order to it though, as though a force is shaping your mount[h] around the unfamiliar sounds and syllables.

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