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How Important is receiving Top Marks?


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As the title asks. Will this have Y2 rewards? Also, must one be the top scorer in the exams to get any in-game reward, or is it sufficient to be near the top? And will there be rewards for each course so excelled in, or is it only for overall performance?

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I just finished a playthrough in which my character gained top marks for all final exams - no student had a higher grade. The social and adventuring life of my character was non-existent. I hope that in Y2 being such a good student in Y1 will have rewards. If we were to have a Y2 Course list, we could better understand the significance of having an extra course slot.

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Are the mod tools capable of picking out the top 5 scores from an exam? If so, this is going on my "to mod" list.

How does this sound:


  • +2 Merit for top scorer in an exam, possibly a memory for later use.
  • +1 Merit for 2nd through 5th.


  • +5 Merit for top scorer
  • +4 Merit for 2nd
  • etc

This seems the sort of things Merit gets used for. Additional complications would award further Merit if a character got the top mark in 4, 5, or all of her classes.

Players would get a nice summary message. Characters would get a reward for their hard work. Colleges would have further reason to celebrate the efforts of their most studious.

(Top 5 is chosen arbitrarily. I can also see having a top 5 for midterms to encourage people and a top 3 for finals.)

(If the program can support it, ties would push the next rank down. So, 2 people tie for 2nd, the next qualifying rank is 4th. But multiple people can share last place, so 3 people could tie for 5th which would allow 7 students to share the top 5.)

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