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Update 79: Hanna and Dietra (Z17 & Z18)

Käpt'n Korky

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I'd like to vote 2, because we wouldn't be Prussian if we didn't follow our own rules most of all.  I like how in the presence of important company and around her sister Dietra seems to lose a little bit of her composure, but overall remains strong-willed and level-headed.  It was a good update, but unfortunately, I think it diminishes the chance of my Nagato and Dietra pairing being chosen anytime soon, and that saddens me.

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>Diether von Roeder: Genau. The man who would have been Kaiser is coming aboard, and you…
>Hans Lüdemann: Are clothed?



> Diether von Roeder: NEIN. It is because I care deeply for my family, yourself included. I will not give anyone reason to think poorly of Prussia.
>Hans Lüdemann: I think you’re a little more Prussian than I am, schwester.

Aren't they both from Bremen?


<Z18 uses Ford Focus on Louis Ferdinand


<Z17 Da Kunnin' plan: failed





very Prussian variants


*votes Beta*



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Back in the days, the update threads were filled with comments on the displayed situations and characters. But I guess I'm old fashioned.

The first surprise to me is how Diether von Roeder doesn't like to comply to the thing Hans Lüdemann does with the names. "Dietra" is sentimental nonsense for her and she calls her sister "Hans" and not Hanna. And even "Fräulein Lüdemann" which is confusing on various levels if I think about it.

But I like the two together very much. The contrast in character is very nice. I would attribute it to the one being very prussian, obviously, and the other being more hanseatic. (Since the most Lüdemanns live in regions close to the north sea, the namesake probably came from there.) If intentional, well done BCS. If unintentional, well done BCS. ;)

Also please note you can talk poorly about the soviets in presence of prince Louis Ferdinand, but should hold your tongue to badmouth russians. He's married to a Romanowa.
And yes, Option 1 hints to his firstborn, born in February 1939. He would probably be very happy to talk about him. Since I side with Hanna here, but also won't make a fool out of anyone by chance, option 2 stands.
If yo uthink about giving Dietra a chance: Dietras discussion with him about state affairs could prove interesting since he was known to be a active monarchist, with him in the picture as next Kaiser.


Louis Ferdinand became head of the Hohenzollern after his father, the last Kaiser, died. He moved the family to a village near Bremen after the war since the residence in East-prussia was lost. LF also was the last head of the Hohenzollern who made it clear he would take a german crown, if offered during a monarchist restauration.

Dietra shows a very interesting thing here: She's obviously more monarchistic than militaristic. "Your (imperial and royal) highness" is not an official address since 1919 for any german nobility and thus incorrect when a soldier addresses an officer, who happens to be from said nobility. In this case an Oberleutnant of the Luftwaffe. So Dietra rather uses old fashioned monarchist addresses than stick to the military rules.

Was it already asked and answered, which military rank Belles hold?

Knieperkohl: I did not know this exists prior to the update. It's a very local dish from Brandenburg and thus very prussian indeed. It sounds edible to me, but if it's fit for someone, Dietra thinks so highly of is another topic. Hanna hints it nicely. ^^ 

Talking about Hanna: BV seaplanes confirmed. :lol: Check here, here and here. This update also strengthened my resolve to choose Hanna as my starter ship if possible. I totally like her style.

*sigh* I don't give up on you:


Capitalise ALL the nouns:


*Schwester (3 times)

*Knieperkohl (2 times)


Unless the evening, the sister, the (insert foodname) and (well, it probably doesn't make sense in english but.....) the rewriting aren't nouns in english. Oh, no wait... they still would be nouns in german! 

Auf Wiederschreiben, Korky



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17 minutes ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

Was it already asked and answered, which military rank Belles hold?

 That's probably a good question for the Lore thread *hint, hint*.

A lot of the more uniform-focused Belles wear some rank insignia, but there are others who don't so it's hard to say how official those are.

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