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Production Update #8: Beta No Go!

Legate of Mineta

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Captains, no Beta Candidate vote was held this round. The client remains incomplete and unready.

Production Update #8: No Go

Although the winds and waves have been fierce, things are calming now, and the new members have gotten up to speed. Their experience and expertise has dramatically and positively affected how the game scales...but also affected our overall speed. It's certainly worth it, however, for the changes in the architecture.

This month, the Team completed testing and remediation efforts on Fire Control, Artillery, Penetration, Critical Hits (including revamped tables), Movement and Flag Commands. Additionally, a very robust testing suite has been built to cover the use cases. Some of that may even bleed into the main game, for player use.

Aerial and Submarine combat are outstanding (including ASW), along with Weather.

At present speed, and given the looming holidays, the Team plans on holding the next true vote in mid-December. There will continue to be the monthly Team updates, of course.

Steady on, through mist and fog, Captains!

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Not unexpected but still a bit sad.

If I can add my 2 cents I am not sure announcing the votes like this is a good thing. It makes people look forward to the next vote and hope for a release only to be disappointed again. Maybe it would be better to just do monthly updates on the progress without the whole vote thing until it comes to actually releasing the beta. Especially since there wasnt actually a vote the last few times because the game was deemed unready. Which is completely fine. The game will be done when its done. It is just frustrating to me and some other people I talked to that are interested in the game. It probably doesnt apply to everybody but thats my take on it.

So basically instead of saying "The next vote will be held at that time." Just dont mention the estimated time for the next vote. Do the vote thing internally but keep the monthly updates going. So that the players are kept in the loop but dont get disappointment after disappointment.


On a more cheerful note: good to hear that progress is going well and a lot of the combat mechanics have seen progress. More team members are also a good thing. Still looking forward to the game and I am sure you will deliver :)

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We've thought about that, too- but in general, comparing our own experience, we felt it's always better to communicate. But we see your point. ;)


Well, that would be cool. :)


I think they did speak to what happened during Dev, no? Well, I am not sure what you are asking, perhaps.


No- as you can see from the Update, while a fair amount of Battle is complete, there is more to do.

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As someone without inside knowledge of game developing I was unsure, because you dropped the "connecting Frontend - Backend" terminology and that made it look to me like you'd progressed further. But you connected some parts, and the outstanding parts are to be done in that field of problem? "the client" is the term I'm looking for here? Or did I get confused again?

Also if the client is ready, then a beta will launch or is there still additional work to do?

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I believe what Korky is asking is if the "Front-end/Back-end" issue has been resolved since you're making progress on other issues? Or are these issues being resolved part of the "Front-end/Back-end" issue that was mentioned last update?

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I'm delighted about the idea of the testing suite(or at least something of the sort) making it into the final game.

I still remember a certain other game (one that was PVP focused) where we, the players, had to carefully and manually set up certain situations just to do tests and understand the intricates of how the game worked.

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1 minute ago, von_Lipstig said:
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*patching containment*



>3mth without KS mention

Given that , apparently, not anyone uses forum, may I ask mere formality of including this report( with things done/revamped list if possible) in next KS update?



That's what they've been doing. Legate softens the blow here before the official update comes out.

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