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Update 117: 紅葉狩り, 十四 昭和

Käpt'n Korky

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My biggest hope is that BCS makes enough off this game after launch to go back and pay all the VAs to voice every line in the game.
All fourteen billion that the writing team will have managed to cram in by the time the game goes live.

VB anime when?

Loved the update, what a wonderful event to bring in the fall with. I wouldn't expect anything less from the Japanese Belles. Definitely fall into the "quiet reflection" camp when it comes to this season. Lots of reading and listening to the rain.

Put me down for option four if you would.

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This update, when a certain game also involving one protagonist, a bunch of girls and poetry just happened to release this very week one year ago.
Small bonus for there being also tea, and the one handling the tea also happens to handle knives(if Leningrad's character art is anything to go by).

It might or might not be just a coincidence.

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I rather enjoyed the update, although I read it hastily and without too much attempt at analysis.  For now I will say that it was done nicely, and I rather enjoyed the poetry, but I'd have to choose option one, as it's unfortunately rather true.

I'll read the update again later to speculate on the redacted ladies.

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