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Proposed Patch for Y1


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If the team decide to release a new Patch for Y1, I reckon that it should have the following features.


General Quality of Life Improvements:

1. Eliminating the DRM on the Steam version.

2. Changing the Prodigy: Incantation background to at minimum inform characters about Theory of Incantation, so that the background's increased maximum for Theory of Incantation works.



1. Fixing the bug that prevents characters from completing Luti Jaconelli's adventure.

2.  Granting Miya Hikari the ability to use her familiar’s ability, granting it a proper duration.

3.  Allowing characters to equip and use Tongs.


Restoring Cutted Content:

1. Restoring Aaran Ledale’s second adventure to the game.

2. restoring the Research topics The Obranabú Library and The Great Lecture Hall at Schohanwicht and their accompanying lores and rewards.

3.  Miya Hikari's personal ability is indeed supposed to give her +3 Acrobatics and +2 Knots/Climbing, and that's as it should be in the toolset.  If we're not seeing it in-game, there might be an issue.

4. Restoring students' Familiars' descriptions.


Adding New Content:

1. The romance adventure with the auburn-haired thief has a major disconnection between story and gameplay in its final stage that other adventures in Y1 avoid. The final stage, called "The Golden Telescope" concludes with the auburn-haired thief's giving the PC the eponymous telescope. Yet the player gains no such item in the PC's inventory. Aside from that, it was a very good adventure.

2. Creating an object for characters to receive as a reward for helping the graduating student during Kaliri.

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@Legate of Mineta: What happens is that the standard Search for Familiar Scene appears, but where the familiar's name appears normally, "(?)" appears. When the choice is made, rather than shifting to new scenes saying farewell to classmates, the game cuts to credits. Rather like the old bug with Mr. Pebbles that was fixed in the last patch. Again, I can write some text if you want.

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Because Y1 still has errors like the Prodigy: Incantation thing, and it wouldn't do for Y2 to inherit them. For example, it'd be very awkward if a Y2 adventure assumed a Y1 Incantation prodigy would have the increased skill max...only for that background to still be bugged. I imagine there's at least a few errors like that.

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