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Hmmm, that's strange. Possibly, try making sure that Academagia is uninstalled, and then delete the folders from your Steamapps and also in Program Data (keeping your save off to the side, of course!). That way, it's as clean as possible.

Then, try reinstalling, putting your game back, and starting the game. That's as close to a fresh install as it could be, I would think.

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i have
familiar kinship 9
field medicine 8
i have phemes blood, empower, familiar (as expected), but i do not have spell familiar gift (unexpected).
In log for action which brings familiar gift to 9 i see <you got familiar gift>, but in summary of the day i do not (field medicine is already 8 at this point)
are there any other preconditions for <familiar gift> ?
bonus: i checked spell ai can cast on familiar in order to add there phemes increasing fitness, intellect, luck, but alas, ytou cant add phemes to this spells (becasue these spell are without any roll?)

its kinda showstopper to replay

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