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History - The Second Captivity

4) Social Graces - No description, I also don't see any reference anywhere. What is it?

6) Suggestive Phrases (Action) - the description has some errors or strange things in it:

- Chance of Courage?

- The effect notes 'Shaken', but the description doesn't?

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Experiencing rather odd behaviour with Explore in a patch3+cp1 game... literally every single out of ~12 attempts of using it failed, while using it in earlier version of the game worked most of the time. Character stats are the same in both situations -- Luck 1 and no Explore skill (is that a skill?) which perhaps has something to do with it, but then the desciption says it's Luck/Explore roll vs.4 which sounds rather low, so... just not sure if it's working as intended or if something is up with that.


I noticed this also with patch4+cp1. I noticed it with a character with 2 Luck and 5 Curiosity, at the end of my current game. Explored 5 times, and each of them failed. It was for exploring the City. I also started another character and on first day, explored Academicia proper, 3 times and each of them failed.

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For your Characters, did they have the Explore Skill? Currently, the Explore Action has a Luck + Explore Roll such that you must exceed 4 for it to be successful. Without a good Explore Skill or a Luck Attribute to compensate, you would fail this Action constantly.




I don't think either had that skill. I had thought that was covered by Curiosity, but I guess not. Perhaps Explore shouldn't appear in the list of actions until you've discovered the Explore skill?

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