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Typos and Such in Patch 5


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Another batch incoming...


- RE Homework 5

"You know haven't learned the material"

Insert: "that you" --> "You know that you haven't learned the material"


- RE Revision 1

"You dig through you bag while mentally comapring each"

Typo: you bag --> your bag; comapring --> comparing


- RE Docks 2

In the successful Persuasion exit, the ship captain gave me some Pims but in the 'Results of the Day' report, there was no record of such. I checked my Pim total in my inventory and it did not increase at all.


- Request a Meeting with your Mentor (Laughing Bee part)

"I'm sure you'll the school proud"

Insert: do --> "I'm sure you'll do the school proud"


- RE Dance/Event 9

"using your wand to dash the decoration on She head"

Typo: dash --> "to bash the"; She --> "on Her head"


- RE City Street 9

"towards you so see what you want'

Typo: so --> "you to see"

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Random Event Forge 5, Incantation Failure - The Blacksmith promises to report this misuse of magic to His (linked to a professor)


The wording on 'The House Made of Words: Backstage' is confusing- 'Visiting the House Made of Words is free:'. It's not, it's five pims- it's working backstage at the House Made of Words that's free.

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Music - Notation 1

It's granting me two lore-texts that are almost the same. Except that one has a typing error in it and the other not.


Music - Notation 7

There is the Notational Glamour spell, in it's description there is a part where is referred to the spell as the Easy Read spell?

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Hmm, Increase Chance of Success should not in any way impact the color coding- behavior such as you mention is very unusual. I'll prepare a test for that specific Adventure.


As for RE Revent 5- that will be closed in DLC 2.




This is a function of starting the adventure from a prep location that gives a pertinent attribute boost like the Champion's Room. If you run an observation check, or any of the gain more info checks, and succeed you lose the location Attribute bonus and I suspect skill bonuses too but I've never really checked. Incidentally if you fail the check you get to keep your attribute bonus for the real exit roll. In short the location bonuses go away after your first successful roll in an adventure, whatever that roll may be. This is especially annoying if the successful observation check opens a way that isn't very fruitful for your character as you've just sacrificed your location bonus for nothing, the chance of success boosts are often large enough to make up for the lost attribute/skill.

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Well... Checking out Music - Famous Songs for the wiki now...

I only got 1 spell at lvl 4, and saw several double lore entries. Only unlocked more stuff at lvl 7 and later.


Music - Harpsichord

One of the lores (Harpsichord crafting) gets repeated at lvl 3.

It also seems a very hard skill to train up. As it requires me 2 SS per level, even with a base attribute score of 10 (edited for ease of skill gains, wiki character). That's as intended? For I think it doesn't give much back for the work put in it? Unless I am missing something?

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Thanks- we'll remove that duplicate at level 3. For the Skill Perks- you should have seen a Perk for each level- there's a Pheme at level 6, for instance- Flats. Did you receive that one?


Harpsichord is a difficult Skill to train, and does require 2 Skill Steps per Level at an Attribute of 10, unless you can reduce the Train Modifier.

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Dominant Attribute: Insight

Levels and Unlocks:


1: -


2: Sharps (Pheme)


3: Finesse (Pheme)


4: Academagia: Public Practice Room 4


5: -


6: Flats (Pheme)


7: -


8: Godina Common Room: South Corner


9: -


10: Shining Keys (Spell)


11: Perform Music: Harpsichord (Action)

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I've not been playing for a long time, so please bear with me if I'm wrong ;)


Seems like a duplicate lore

The Glamour Guide, by Flagley Minorstock

The Glamour Guide, by Flagley Minorstock*

One has simply an asterisk after the title, that's the only difference I can see


Event Daytime Hallway 5

(1) space missing in "avoid getting hit by the carpetquite easily"

(2) when taking option "let it hit you" : in the text the name of the NPC is replaced by its description/bio. In this case, instead of Sheary Warrington or He. I get "Did you drop the book back there? (...)" etc.


Request a meeting with your mentor Adventure - part about the Familiar

When taking the option about a more intimidating Familiar

Typo in "She won't take it personal, but if you do manager to frighten her"


Finally, just an observation :

I arrived at the Academagia with no pims and on my first day I got a random event that made me lose 10. It was just odd to see in the end of day report that I had lost 10 when I had none to begin with.

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Excellent, thank you! These will be corrected in DLC 2.


As for the observation- that is the nature of the random event system: it is very random. We are considering the possibility of adding a 'slow start' feature, which will remove or decrease the probability of Random Events for the first week. This may allow for more probable outcomes. ;)



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Whoever did the proofreading for this marvelous game needs some serious... oh well ;)


- The Battle for the Drowned Palace of Usin

"You've heard tell of an old palace"

Typo: tell --> "You've heard of a tale of an old palace"

(I thought it might be a typo but I'm not sure if the original text is acceptable in creative writing)


- "Massage Muscles" description

Typo: message --> massage


- RE Animal Pen 5

"As you're walking throught the bestiary"

Typo: throught --> through


- RE Animal Pen 5

"a hungry giant anteater who that had noticed"

Remove: who --> "anteater that had noticed"


- RE Professor Briardi 1

(on the first exit)

"Doing this favor would meaning missing"

Typo: meaning --> mean


- Mid-Terms Studying! (beginning)

"you should have already had down by now"

Replace: "had down" --> "you should have already done by now"


- Mid-Terms Studying! (at the Command exit)

"need to locate and highly the answers"

Typo: highly --> highlight


"what you're thinking too"

Add: "," (comma) --> "what you're thinking, too"


"Before you know how to react Pamela is throwing"

Replace and add: "know how to" + "," (comma) --> "Before you can react, Pamela"


- "Harglass Park" description

"Those who leave leave with"

Add: "the park," --> "Those who leave the park, leave with"


- "Merit Prize X" description

"as well as Vistation Rights!"

Typo: Vistation --> Visitation


- RE Forest 8

"Not only to the flowers smell"

Typo: to --> do




and then some more...


- "Reflect upon Merit" ability misused by an NPC

I'm in the Morvidus college with Beatrix von Wetgen. I saw in the "Results of the day" report that Beatrix succeeded at using Reflect upon Merit on Llarina de Avuel who is part of the Godina college. According to the ability description, it can only be used on a student that belongs to the same college as the user/initiator.


- "Befriend" someone already in your Clique

My character had already befriended Cyrus Dawes. Weeks later (in-game time, of course), Cyrus attempted to befriend me but failed. What's with that? Signs of a potential Clique infighting? Or a hostile takeover?

Also, another member of my clique attempted to befriend another (different) member of my clique which failed obviously.


- "Review Homework" relationship increase

On the Results of the Day report (also in the skill's description), it stated that the Relationship was increased by 1. I checked on the NPC link but the "Relationship with player" value was increased by 2. Which is the right value?

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Much appreciated. I'll pass the feedback along, although I can already sense the chagrin. ;)


For the last three points:


1) Very interesting- we'll have a look at this one, thanks!


2) This is a known issue relating to Targeting. We will try to close it in Year 1, but we'll see.


3) The correct value is 2- 1 from the Ability, and 1 because it is Beneficial to your Target.

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Familiar: Final Performance the Difficulty of this final step of the Muffler quest line is off! The Adventure in this line just bevore gives red difficulty at skill 6 and for the Final Performance a Skill of 1 is green!

For me it was good because so I managed to complet this quest line in the last week of the school but still its feels like bug exploiting. :)

(Btw finished my patch 5 game and now waiting for the next Patch ;) )

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