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A few in game questions


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I'm wondering how easy forbidden magic is to hide, if no mastered persons or any direct effects of the spells are discovered is it still somehow possible to detect if a mage has used minor mastery/gates spells recently?


Will it somehow taint your aura or will actual effects need to be discovered to detect lawbreakers?

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Ok, are there any techniques that can hide such an aura or perhaps shorten the duration?


Otherwise if one of all the academagia gates students (not sure how many that is, but at least more than yourself if you choose that path) messes up and makes something obviously gate-derived the professors could just try a detection spell on each student in turn and catch all.


Maybe a skilled mage might use some trick to evade detection if the inspector isn't truly exceptional himself?

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Oh legate! :rolleyes:


Whatever shall we do with you and your secret-mongering ways?



Yes, it's possible to remove, alter or even transfer it (all quite difficult and time consuming), although you won't find such teachings in the normal course curricula...smile.gif

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Extra Class questions for year 2

1) With the possibility that player can have 8 class will this 2 extra class take then a extra time slot or also just the 2 as so fare in year 1?

- Regent's Relationship 10 & High Marks in all Classes


- 3 Class Instructors Relationships 10 & High Marks in all Classes


- Parental Permission (you can get this during Vacation) & High Marks in all Classes

2) So a Avila Student have to get 10 with professor Badcrumble or is any Regent i.e. Polisena Briardi fine?

3) Will Relationship 10 with the Legate also enough?

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1) So for the 6 normal class 3 class take together 1 time slot while each of the 2 possible extra class will take its own timeslot? That's really bad :(

2) Will there spells that let us keep working for some days nonstop?


@Dreamweaver Right now we have 5 timeslot per day but 2 not usable by the player.

This extra 2 will be opened in year 2 with the downside that you have to keep in mind a few days without sleep are bad for your.

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Dream & Schwarzbart;


It is generally a really difficult thing to take more than the 6 Classes, but the option is there if you want it. There are extra Action Slots, but...they are special. You'll see.


Still 2 time slots during the day, but the extra Classes each cost 1 time slot.


"Will there spells that let us keep working for some days nonstop?"


Maybe. :)

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