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A few in game questions


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Just don't be in the way when the wall decides to come back, haha!


Legate, is it possible to create an illusion of a mage that can cast spells that you yourself don't know? Especially if the illusion is of a person who would know that spell?

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1. Is opium used as medicine? as recreation?

2. Are drugs known, magical or natural in origin, that cause happiness?

3. Are mind altering and/or pain killing drugs viewed with suspicion because of their similarity to the effects of mastery?

4. Are drugs known, magical or natural in origin, that cause memory loss?

5. Is there or was there any debate in scholarly circles about which pillar of magic is best? are such debates prohibited/discouraged at Academagia?

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16 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


1) Neither.

2) Yes, although they wouldn't be classified as such.

3) If they are, it's not a prevalent view among practitioners.

4) Yep. :)

5) Yes, although they are discouraged, by and large, at the Academagia.

2. So how would happiness-causing drugs be classified? as painkillers?

3. By practitioners, do you mean physicians?

And another question: Within the Empire of Man, are almost all scholars (and professionals, such as physicians, lawyers, architects) also mages? I ask because Academagia trains students not only in magic, but also in scholarly disciplines. I know that mages are rare within the Empire of Man, but surely scholars are also rare, so I wonder if they are nearly overlapping.

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1. I ask about mind altering drugs for an Academagia Y2 story that I plan, so I wonder about non-alcohol mood-altering drugs. Is hemp/cannabis/marijuana known? Other, more magical plants?

2. Are there many mages who are also scholars of other fields, or is magic almost always considered its own field of study? Would such a scholar/mage be less skilled than a pure mage in magic, on average?

3. Is there anything equivalent to the Medieval ranking of sciences? if so, are Magic or Theology regarded as the Queen of Sciences?

4. Is there any tradition of being a scholar of magic? By that I mean a mage who sacrifices mastery of any pillar of magic in favour of speculation about, research into, and experimentation with magic (what might in game be represent by the Enspell Skill)?

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1) Certainly magical concoctions can do these things- natural herbs which have these kinds of effects are generally unknown and unstudied.

2) Usually, mages will study other fields to make their magics more practical.

3) Yes! Theology, since Magic is a gift of the Gods.

4) No- the wisdom of the ancients serves as final Authorities here.

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1. I take it that Durand the College focuses its botanical efforts more upon the agricultural rather than the medical or mind-altering properties of plants. Would this be correct? Also, would there be much controversy if someone were to suggest that that college should focus upon such esoteric/niche fields of botany?

2. Is there any limitation, either in law or policy, upon the poisonous plants that Durand is allowed to grow/experiment upon?

3. Would there be any ecclesiastical sanctions if a mage were to try to set him/her self up as a scholar of magic, equal to/greater than the dead authorities?

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