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Consolidated Patch 68

Legate of Mineta

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Are you implying that the patch will completely overhaul the game? (1.68 to 2.14)


Or maybe that the 2 refers to the second year? (yeah right <_< )


Or maybe some subtle reference to a date in february? (Valentines day? WTH?)


...Or maybe it's just some silly attempt to add the patch number to the old version number?



STOP TEASING US!!! :angry:

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Hello all, I'm a newbie here.


I just got the game (from Gamersgate), and having taken a look at it, I see it is current to DLC 14.


I see there is a DLC 15, so I guess I should apply this update?


I also took a look at the "Troubleshooting" thread, and read the following:


"First, download the latest patch if you don't already have it (the latest is always stickied at the top).


Next, navigate to your Academagia folder and delete all the files inside which also appear in the patch. The important ones are:


Mods (folder)









...make sure you delete them, and do not overwrite them with the ones from the patch! As an alternative, you can just delete the Mods folder if you do not want to upgrade to the patch."


Do I have to do this even if I haven't encountered any problems?

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