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Legate of Mineta

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A steampunkish RPG & sim. I think I see where this is going. Either we are taking out robber barons (RPG, fight the ultimate evil of the universe, etc), or becoming one (run a little colony or factory or something). Actually, that would make a good title for a game if it hasn't been used (recently).


But if a female is protagonist, this can't be a patriarchal society, can it? Unless this is a 19th century sexual revolution! Now there's a rich plot hook you.


Of course, I'm still trying to figure out how simulation fits into all of this. Reminds me of King of Dragon Pass (an old Runequest-based PC game) the way you say it, which combined elements of both genres in a charming way. I have long thought a steampunk fantasy version of that would be exciting.

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I keep hopping back to the updates section, and I'm always disappointed by the fact CP 68 is still the most recent update. At least reading how excited everyone is over this is entertaining :P

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