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DLC 15 Bugs


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I just did "Random Event Student - Cante" and got an unexpected result.


I succeeded at the option "Brew. Whip Cante up a counter-potion." and got a decrease in relationship with Cante. I double checked ModTools and that's what it showed. But judging by the text, successfully brewing a counter-potion to cure Cante's blue and green spots so we can go to dinner and have chocolate should have increased our relationship. Chocolate always makes me like people more at least.


Then again, maybe it's not a mistake because in Year 2 we find out Cante has a chocolate allergy... ;)

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Um... so I was editing the adventure "Community Service" on the Wiki and I noticed there was an unused section of the adventure.


"Adventure at Percy's 09" has no Continuances linking to it except Exit 5 of "Adventure at Percy's 01a". But Exit 5 has a particular Memory Prerequisite that I could not find anywhere else in the adventure. "Investigation 4" ("Frumpy?") of "Adventure at Percy's 08" seems to be the best fit for the memory.


I'm not really sure if this is a mistake or if it was a later decision to drop and just didn't get fully edited out (which I can understand).

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It may have been mentioned; Random Event Garden 2; (The one with crows and janjaberries) It says "You would think that the Academagia would have at least some protection against the cook's garden"


Now, I think quite a few students would want protection from the cooks food, but in this case I think i should be something along the lines of ~

You would think that the Academagia would at least have placed some protections against crows on the cook's garden.


Unless the actual sentence does provide the right meaning and it is just my English that is not up to the task.

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A minor bug I forgot to report from my last game is that

Crafting the Negation Wand 02 Exit 2 don't recognize if the player got the Anti Aging Potion Recipe from Miss Schwarzbart in "The Board Game" adventure.

But it might be intentional that the path is only open for Botany class.

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