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Well, the point of the matter is, since the game has to be able to load any save, given that people have all sorts of characters, it would be really bad if it choked on loading yours or mine randomly based on a bug! :(


Yes, very important to get it to work.


Question, Legate! How will this beta of DLC17 come to fruition? Will we have to apply it to our installed game? I would rather not do that with a potentially unstable build if possible, but I don't see much alternative.

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I think metis is asking that since all the dlc's are considered mods mechanically speaking, are we going to need them somehow, and how will that work? I personally could have sworn that there was a promise that Y2 would be innately compatible with all DLCs made by BCS

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Maybe if the converter had a mdoe where it only converts stats and the BCS Adventure exits/momories for getting you set for year 2.


As long as you havn't got any extra abilities or spells or non-official stuff stick with you.


Or is there a lot of background stuff that still needs to be added?

A mostly flavor adventure with one boost to an official content skill to your character or familiar shouldn't be that much of a problem.


Shouldn't it be enough to jsut scan the stats and compare to the last official DLC. A one off moded adventure shouldn't cause that much trouble one would think.

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