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22 minutes ago, Käpt'n Korky said:

Only one question here: Who put Diether von Roeder in charge?

And I pity that poor little plane.....

Nobody, but she is the person who the captain will turn to keep the german Belles in line, she is in my mind somebody who will go around making sure that the other Belles do not commit too much chaos, with proud Prussian values of course.

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41 minutes ago, lazarusdw said:

i guess someone has to like her personly i prefer her sister Gneisenau

Victory Belles Gneisenau.jpg

I agree with you there. Love the red uniform and I appreciate a fine pair of legs

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I like pictures where the same ship from alternate games hang out, or in this case, ship sisters from alternate games (especially if they include ships from Warship Girls, since that one is the least popular out of the 3 shippgirl games already out anyway).

I need to do a proper 3 Belfasts pic sometime in the future...

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5 hours ago, Wellington99 said:

Salt Lake looks a bit like the Karate Kid in that. Must be the bandana. You think she knows how to wax on, wax off?

Dunno I got jacket from junk dog from megalo box

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