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Captain's Association, Round 21: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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Well, I certainly shouldn't speculate which number on the bingo board Ninjapacman is voting for, but W99's vote is clear enough. ;)


I believe he is voting for some civilization to be brought in (A2 Hood)

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As much as I wish to finally garner the long sought-out Hood, today I shall not be voting with the rest, and I hope you all won't either. I'll try to keep this short, but for you who do actually read all the posts, I will try to sway your favor.




This week, I am acknowledging one of the greatest engagements in Naval history: The battle off Samar. On October 25th, 1944, the 13 United States escort ships of Task Force 77.4.3 (Taffy 3 for short) squared off head-to-head against the unquantifiably superior Japanese Center Force intending to shell the beaches at Leyte. Including such legends as Yamato and Nagato, the center force should have had no problem wiping out the unprepared and barely awake escort carriers and destroyers who had just finished listening to the radio communications of their victorious allies in Surigao strait.


Not only did they have trouble winning, this strong arm was handed their hats against the bravery and sheer willpower of Taffy 3. At the end of the battle, the Japanese were forced to withdraw without completing their objective and had traded 3 heavy cruisers for a mere 2 destroyers, a destroyer escort, and a jeep carrier (That is, a light escort carrier). The Americans were so desperate to win this fight that one pilot even emptied his service revolver into a battleship's bridge as he passed.




I explain this to you because this week includes October 24th and 25th, and of all the glorious ships who played a major part in Leyte gulf and Samar, only heavy cruiser Kumano is on the bingo (that I know of.) This week, to honor the approximate 15,000 combined casualties from the Leyte Gulf Naval conflict, I am voting C3. I hope you will too.


If that's not enough, we also haven't seen a sushi belle in a while, and really should keep the balance! After all, we're gonna get Bulldog SoonTM enough to satisfy that Royal lust!

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Fifrein persuaded me, voting C3.


:D It shall not be in vain! This week we see if a good cause can beat the general assembly of Chicago! I think we can, and I'm usually with them, haha!


Seriously though, thank you David. I sincerely hope others join in.

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C3, since we got an Italian Belle last time! ^_^


Although, not to incite a discussion, and with all due respect to Taffy 3, but I would like to point out that said Central Force should have had no problem winning, sure... if they had known for sure what ships they were facing and how many they were facing. Both things that they didn't know. Scouts were launched trying to asses that, but they were taken down.

So the Japanese admiral, tired after a gruesome day and a sleepless night, having to execute a plan revolving around deception, and always fearful that it had not worked, with few ideas as to where the enemy was, assumed the worst case scenario and that he was facing the main enemy force, somewhat disorganized. Result: general confusion on his part, which led to mostly avoidable losses, to collapse of command structure, and to delays in accomplishing his mission when the party was over.

Therefore, not only outstanding bravery on one hand, but confusion, uncertainty and desperation on the other hand, made this battle. We can't mention one without the other, I feel.


Because there are several examples of comparable bravery in similar odds not being rewarded by eventual success, because the enemy was not confused or uncertain, and therefore simply crushed what it faced.

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