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Captain's Association, Round 36: Vote by Sunday, 3/5, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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Temporary IFF is Temporary:




A1->D1 /Le Triomphant / Houston /Stewart / Algérie /

A2->D2 / Profintern / Perth / D'Aosta / Maillé Brézé /

A3->D3 / Verdun / Henley / Maass /Moskva /

We know who you are, ladies. B)

Based on the Revised Board:






A1->C1 /Moskva / Houston /Stewart /

A2->C2 / Profintern /Maillé Brézé / D'Aosta /

A3->C3 / Verdun / Henley / Maass /

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Welp, until my girl appears (Nagato my girl, where art thou?), throw my vote on whoever the majority is.

Nagato is mentioned multiple times on the main kickstarter page. Several others from the main page have been interviewed, so she's pretty much confirmed! VOTE NAGATO!

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There's a surprisingly small following for Nagato, one of the most famous of the Big 7 battleships. I'll have to fix that when I get home.

Rodney is also just as famous yet you don't see me trying to vote for her

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