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So do I need to buy another copy?

Sinking Ship

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Try looking in your email archives.


2) REQUESTING A STEAM KEY - If you purchased this game via any vendor besides Steam and GamersGate, and have retained email proof/confirmation, please email academagia @ gmail.com with Subject "Academagia: Steam Key Request" to get your Steam key. Please allow up to a week for us to verify and send you back a key, although we expect in most cases, it will take ~2 business days.


If you do not have email verification, we will do our best to verify with the reporting available to us, but there are no guarantees. You will need to provide

email address you used to purchase Academagia (if different from the email you are currently using)
date of purchase, and
additionally we may need your full name if we cannot verify the above


GamersGate customers - Your Steam key should be accessible via your account (except for bundle purchasers - codes are not available yet, but will be soon) and you should not have to email us. If you have problems accessing your account, please contact GamersGate support. In order to ensure that each customer only gets 1 key, we cannot grant you a code if you are having GG account issues and emailing us instead. We apologize for this, but we have no access to customer order details on GG.

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To add to this, I've already bought another version for steam, though I still have an email receipt from an earlier purchase. Would it be possible to get a copy to gift to a friend instead? Also, great work on that UI, btw!

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I might be convinced to do another round of ars magica with you guys if BCS was to come out with MKII of their failed kickstarter. I think that having more people on the forums through Victory Belles to spread the word might be part of that insidious plan...


But otherwise, yeah, I'm not really interested in PnP Ars. Maybe that subforum will be converted into a more general purpose use someday.

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