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The Bold, The Beautiful, The Deadly Gneisenau

Nel Celestine

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Gneis has earned herself a permit to join my fleet. As for Scharn...well...after what she did to Rawa?

I'm changing her name to Scrapheap from Shiny Horse

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14 minutes ago, Sinboto Simmons said:

Meh, Wellington may be convinced but I'm not overly for or against. 50/50


Also I see our dear artist continues their war against backsides.... :P

Yarr, ye be in search of booty aye?

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At the risk of sounding crass, hubba hubba!

Yeah, sorry. Anyway, she'll certainly find a place in my fleet! A sharp mind and air of respectability are always welcome.

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I love her calm and cool demeanor as a wonderful counterbalance to Scharn's inspired enthusiasm.

I am still disappointed about the lack of a ship's crest.  Scharn is the only girl so far who has hers.

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Most wonderful, my favorite interview that i have seen so far.

I am getting a Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Bismarck feeling from her red jacket, black mid heel boots and gloves. :D

"When one door closes, another opens but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."

I was distraught at having missed my chance to sail with Miss Nuremberg however the chance of sailing with Miss Gneisenau has appeared and I can feel in me that i have found my one and only true flagship among the Victory Belles! :wub:

Thank you Black Chicken Studios for creating this character!

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Finally "she" appeared. And at first i want to apologize. I had the chance to visit her remaining guns in Hoek van Holland but my family is not so fond of this museal stuff.... so no pictures folks. Sorry. Same goes for the birthhouse of Michiel de Ruyter. But at least I was in his birthplace Vlissingen. And to reference nijas location: I could make daily trips to his birthplace (and would only use one tank of petrol. Which is good because it's bloody expensive in the Netherlands.).

On 17.6.2017 at 8:16 AM, Shirogane said:

How beautiful to see the first Polish battlecruiser in the game:D

The shipwreck of Gneisenau will be lifted from the bottom until 1951!

First polish battlecruiser? Wasn't she scrapped after they lifted her. Also you sound proud of the polish communists lifting a fascist ship. Do I have to tell Jaroslaw K. about you? :P Also a wonderful battlecruiser with her guns spread in the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. :P:D

Her dress strikes me as somewhat.... unspectacular. But very cool. But why the red jacket? Why red? As for the crest....it's a lot more complicated than Scharnis. It's okay not to show it.
Did anyone notice the blade at her side? What's the deal with it?

It must be a anglo-american show.... no german broadcast would censor a well placed expression of emotions. XD

And I totally hope you will make a second Belle Trivia Battle hosted by Scharnhorst in the future. Not important with whom, but pretty please give us a second one sometime.

The german lessons hide here:


Not much german in the interview, but "Verstehst du?" is this kind of slightly incorrect but not completely false that makes me know who's probably not a german. The editor. "Verstehst du mich?" would be correct on it's own, but in this context a threatening "Haben wir uns verstanden?" (even better "Ich hoffe wir verstehen uns. Klar Schwesterchen/Schwesterherz?"  or a short military shout of "Verstanden?".

And "Ähm" is wrong as well.... "Ähm" is used in the context of "Ähm, excuse me. Please?" and confusion and such. You get the idea. Correct would have been "Ähem!". Yes, the exclamation mark is important.

Also I demand any supplementary "of course" of a Walküre to be changed into a "natürlich". Like in "For the time being, natürlich." XD


And will you please capitalize the nouns? .....

Now on to the real fun:
I have waited for Gneisi to appear all the time I was aware of the possibility she could be chosen. Because I have a very, very personal relationship with Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and I joined way to late for Scharni.
Both my grandfather and father served at Scharnhorst AND Gneisenau. [mic drop]


If I could see your faces now..... I meant the coal-mines in Dortmund of course. Not the warships. XD And in local german you say someone works or serves "at" not "in" a mine.

Which finally brings me to my favourite part of this post: Me talking about Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Dortmund. You might close this whenever you're bored or something else. ;)

In Dortmund is a city-district named after Gen. Scharnhorst and the district is named after it's most prominent and biggest suburb: (New-)Scharnhorst. Which is in short a socially problematic suburb and you get around better if you know a bit of russian. It was build right before the mine closed(!) and was planned poorly and managed poor and nowadays it's not the most problematic suburb, but more on the lower parts of the happy chart. 
In contrast Old-Scharnhorst is a very nice german suburb, with german houses and german Gemütlichkeit. It's not a sight to see, but nice. it was build right after the mine opened and where my grandfather comes from. (He was 12 when WWII ended, just in case you were wondering.)
He was a smith at Gneisenau (later became a police officer), but both mines were bond together so he did work at Scharnhorst as well. My father later earned some pocket money at both mines in the school's summer break when he was 16 because he wanted to work. When he was 17 the mine was closed. Gneisenau can still be visited as a local industrial site turned into a museum and a shopping mall.... yay... The mine Scharnhorst was broken down and only exists on the crest of the district.

Now one theory about the red jacket: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau both have a relationship, as metioned, to the city of Dortmund. The colours of Dortmund are red and white. Which makes for a alternative Scharni costume with a white jacket, eh? Also both being mines immediatly gives you THIS idea for a nice costume. If you read carefully (and understand german) you can see pictures of the "Knappentracht" of the Gneisenau-mine workers in the surrounding suburb of Dortmund-Hostedde. Since Scharnhorst was technically not existing as a independent mine since 1931 I doubt you find any Knappentrachten of it outside the city-archives. But they are always happy to help with such things. Really happy. Need a phone number? Same authority, different office if you know what I mean. I know one or two folks. ;)

About their behaviour. Don't think for a second Gneisenau is less arrogant than Scharnhorst. She's very confident of her abilities and even threatens Mahan and by that Rawal as well. The latter could feel belittled by the tone of it as well. Since she is no opponent for either Scharni nor Gneisi and both know it. Her tone is just softer. Also they are both stubborn and don't like to backk off. And I love them both for it. And here is why:
I have heard germans might come off sometimes as arrogant. I don't think that's true. Us being the pure picture of modesty and all...... yes that was a joke. Anyway among the arrogant the Dortmunder people have the reputation to be stubborn and arrogant. So we are the arrogant among arrogant people. But it's not arrogance, it's justified pride.

Tsk. Okay we are basically famous for....uhm.... I doubt anyone outside of football fanclubs knows instantly something about Dortmund. We were never a capital of anything. Name one famous person born in Dortmund without checking wikipedia. We have no big or beautiful church/castle/city..... oh wait. We are one of the biggest cities in germany but being in the ruhrgebiet means we are considered poor and ugly and we suffer heavily under those prejudices. (Being called the streetcur of the major cities.) So why the arrogance? Because of football, beer, some strange uneccentric narcissism that runs the city and our proud but widely unknown history. We were a imperial city from pretty early on until the very end in 1806 and fought off major forces two times. The first time so hard they never bothered us again, the second time in the catastrophe that was the 30 years war, four armies came.... two were defeated (both imperial-catholic) one was bribed (spanish) and well.... okay the fourth was one army too much. We surrendered but survived pretty unharmed since it was a swedish force and we were already converted to protestants.... but still, we were very, very broke, because they plundered us anyway. But free and imperial and stuff. And we love our beer and believe to live in the best city any god ever created (we even have a joke about it. Each one for the beer and the creation.) And have the best football team, natürlich. Oh and some other cool stuff only people who care about know about. XD 

Also it's totally unfair not to have a notable warship named after Dortmund. We were and are one of the ten biggest cities. And in maritime terms we have the biggest channel harbour in europe..... not a "great" naval tradition but more than Dresden.... or Nürnberg...or Augsburg or any other city without a harbour that's more than one pier, but with a ship... darn it.... And it totally stings not to have one, but Köln got one....... for reasons. I'll explain much briefer when she gets voted...... but hopefully she won't.


Anyway. I'll compensate for the lack of a warship named Dortmund by clinging to the best sisters on the seven seas and giving them all my love and reign terror to any bloody bastard who dares to oppose me and my Walküren for above given reasons. 

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First polish battlecruiser? Wasn't she scrapped after they lifted her. Also you sound proud of the polish communists lifting a fascist ship. Do I have to tell Jaroslaw K. about you? :P

I'm not proud. For us Poles wrecked Gneisenau until 1951 reminded about the Second World War. Besides, steel and elements from the wreck were rebuilt by factories after war damage and construction of Polish merchant ships.^_^


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I almost forgot. Thank you everyone for choosing a german Belle for the 17th of June. It was the old day of german unity. The reason is the 17th June of 1953. Please look it up, everyone interested in history.

For german and french speaking people you can watch a video here. (Choose the language in the options)

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On 2017-06-17 at 7:38 AM, Legate of Mineta said:


I will let the Team know what you wrote. :)

Thanks, Mercy. Was going to ask you if you let the team know how much I adore Miss Gneisenau however I did not get around to it so thanks again.

 - Gneisenau in P.TO. IV and how i grew to like the ship:
In the ps2 video game 'Pacific Theater of Operations IV' Germany was one of the 4 playable sides in 1939 that was made up not only of the Reichsmarine but also Regia Marina, since Bismarck-class was not built yet and Vittorio Vento-class not commissioned yet this made the battle cruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst as they where classified in-game the most powerful capitol ships for Germany/Italy in-game...

I have fond memories Gneisenau as my flag-ship in P.T.O. IV and that where my fixation of that specific ship comes from.

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