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Favourite Belles

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Hello everyone,

this idea came to me since it's every now and then a topic that heats up in the Forum and on the discord:
Who's you favourite Belle?

Maybe it would be interesting who it is for the average captain. So why not start a Topic about it.

My idea is to show a Top 10 of the most liked Belles. For all with a weak memory this is the link to Shiros list of Belles.

It works like this: You post here or send me a list of your (up to) 10 favourite Belles, and I will compose a ranking out ouf it. Your top 1 gets 10 points, top 2 gets 9 points all down to 10 who gets 1 point.

TOP 10 (please read after you made you list).


1. Mahan 62p

2. Kirov 44p

3. Scharnhorst 38p

4. Hans Lüdemann 37p

5. Nagato 36p

6. New Orleans 29p   

7. Orion 28p
    Leningrad 28p

8. Gneisenau 26p
    Nevada 26p
    Algerie 26p

9. Leberecht Maass 24p

10. Hood 23p


Some additional data:


Navy count: 

1. Kriegsmarine 181p total, 22,63 per ship (8 ships)

2. US Navy        168p total, 16,8 per ship (10 ships)

3. Royal Navy      140p total, 14 per ship (10 ships)

4. Soviet Navy     131p total, 21,8 per ship (5 ships)

5. Japan Navy     126p total, 12,6 per ship (10 ships)

6. Italian Navy     49p total, 12,25 per ship (4 ships)

7. French Navy   35p total, 7 per ship (5 ships)

8. Dutch Navy     22p total, 22 per ship (1 ship)

9. Polish Navy      19p total, 19 per ship (1 ship)

10. Spanish Navy 9p total, 4,5 per ship (2 ships)7777 777

Most mentioned: Kirov, Mahan, each 8 times; Scharnhorst 7 times; D'Aosta 6 times; Gneisenau, Kongou, Nagato, New Orleans, Hans Lüdemann, Algérie each 5 times

Adjusted to all nonsense: 
Graf Spee 61p, kicks Hood off the list and takes 2nd place. And Scharnhorst is scrapped from the list (reintroducing Hood). Nerpa, is safely on the positive side of things.

Up to Zidaryn I had to always add at least one ship to the list.

The only minor navy missing a ship metioned now is Turkey. The Kriegsmarine is the only major navy with all ships liked by someone.

My list:

1. Gneisenau

2. Scharnhorst

3. Hans Lüdemann

4. Leberecht Maass

5. De Ruyter

6. Espero

7. Kirov

8. Hiriyu

9. D'Aosta

10. New Orleans

I hope some will like the idea. Sincerely, Korky

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Just found out about this game a week ago and I've gotta say it looks amazing. Glad to see the board is still active. Great topic btw.

1. Nevada

2. Hood

3. Orion

4. Salt lake

5. New Orleans

6. Algerie

7. Mississippi

8.Ark Royal

9. Nautilus

10. Scharnhorst


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My top 5 are in my signature. (If you don't accept 4 of those because you're a filthy oppressor of my freedom of love, I've added 11-14)

1. Admiral Graf Spee

2. Admiral Graf Spee

3. Admiral Graf Spee

4. Admiral Graf Spee

5. Admiral Graf Spee

6. Nagato

7. Diether Von Roeder

8. Lebrecht Maass

9. Scharnhorst

10. Nenohi

11. Gneisenau

12. Algerie

13. D'Aosta

14. Nerpa (It was between her and Kirov, but the fact that she's not a commie won out)

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My top 12 (which will surprise no one):

1: Pupper (Bulldog)

2: Hood

3: Rawa

4: Orion

4.5: Kongou

5: Houston

6: New Orleans

7: Parizhskaya Kommuna

8: Ark Royal

9: Gneissenau

10: Z18

11: Duca D'Aosta

12: Stewart


666: Pola


Very bottom of the list: Spee


On the list of "To Be Scrapped": Scharnhorst


(Edit: had to edit to be fair and balans)

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In no particular order besides the obvious. 


Ark Royal










Honorable mention:

Italian mystery sisters with the wildly different letter writing styles. 

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Back from Davie's depths I come, to give my best their proper due!

1) Парижская коммуна

2) Nagato

3) Профинтерн

4) Mahan

5) Киров

6) Leberecht Maass

7) Z17

8) Nevada

9) Kumano

10) Aoba

-1) щ-205 Нерпа

The traitor must dissapear! Long live the Union! (since she's the first on my Negative list, she loses 10 points. That's how it works, right?)

Also, a very special mention to USS Salt Lake City! I can't say her belle made my list, but the ship itself is always going to be on my top 10!

From there, back to the depths I go......

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Let's see if we can get some hot dev action in here!  @Legate of Mineta Can you get us a list of the top 10 belles from each Dev Department?  Or at least your own list?


And maybe when we count them we'll send you the totals and you can publish them in the next update!

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3 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


Impossible! Too much [Redacted] on that list, although some of the revealed Belles *are* favorites around the Team. :)

Can you ask them to pick their favorites of Shiro's revealed list?

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1 hour ago, Legate of Mineta said:

...since they are all our children. :)

Why do I now wish I could draw so that I could render a line of baby Belles along the lines of "Muppet Babies"? :-)  

Oh the kawaii in my head right now!

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I thoroughly agree with the kind doctor that we need Child belles drawn now.  I think a collective picture at a playground would be absolutely adorable.

As for the team, if they anonymously present their favorites, none of the belles have to find out who picked who, and they can remain confident the belles don't harbor ill feelings to them.


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On 9/1/2017 at 2:37 AM, DrYuriMom said:

Why do I now wish I could draw so that I could render a line of baby Belles along the lines of "Muppet Babies"? :-)  

Oh the kawaii in my head right now!

Anyone please make it happen! :)

I will refresh data probably on monday. Jfyi.

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1. Axum
2. Aoba
3. Fubuki
4. Nerpa
5. Algérie
6. Kitakami
7. Maillé Brézé
8. La Motte-Picquet
9. Takoa
10. D'Aosta

Oh my. There's not a single capital ship on that list. I better get my hands on some Type 93s 

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1. Saguenay     (I am Canadian. Also her part in the '39 Winter Games skit made me love her more)

2. Profitern        (Something about her that I really like. Can't put my finger on it)

3. Mahan          (Amazing host during the interviews)

4. Leningrad     (Lover her antics)

5. Kirov             (Crazy, enegetic, and cute. Somehow it's a great fit)

6. Pola              (She's flipping adorable. Her response to being called adorable makes us like her more.)

7. Bulldog         (Crass, but polite about it. Gives her a certain British charm.)

8. Wicher          (That blue hair, that outfit. Also that weather sense gives her a bit or mystery as well.)

9. Lexiton          (I like the cute ones... And she pulls it off well with the pigtails and looking like she's sneaking around)

10. Salt Lake City (See that '39 Winter Games skit that I talked about with Saguenay)



I wanted to add a Japanese Belle but I couldn't decide on who. Was split between I-8, Takao, Nagato.

edit: (I had two number 3's on there so had to remove one...)

Exeter           (Looks awesome. Like the rapier and the sort of musketeer look she has going. Also, she's British)

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