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Since I know what the Kriegsmarine pays I have no need for Pfennige. So I have no desire for 3. (Also it would violate Wheatons law. I don't care it doesn't exist technically in '39)

Option 2 is totally untrue. I wouldn't shy away from a gamble with any of the ladies if I suspect there's fun to be had and nobody gets hurt.

Option 1 it is. My U-29 sense tingles.

And there is absolutely no "Dame Glück" in german. Not on wikipedia, not in the Duden and even google delivers random stuff about luck and ladies but no coherent result. 

In german you say "Das Glück ist mir hold." Or "Fortuna/Das Glück lacht mir." But in the context of the game Lebi could have heard it from Nevada and transferred it into german. So it's okay in my book.

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