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Are there any plans related to a 2018 release of Y2? If not, could Black Chicken Studios at least release some screen shots from the new Y2? Or even a formal progress report about Y2? The screenshots need not be significant, and the progress report need not be long, but such releases, during 2018 or Late December, would at least reassure players of this game that it is being worked upon. See, as a contrast, the last few posts on the following steam thread: http://steamcommunity.com/app/533480/discussions/0/135514507317416148/?ctp=7

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You never know what may come! But, as you may have noticed, the Team works at a steady pace and delivers when it's ready to go. That's the way of it, and though we may all regret the lengthy times, we always do deliver. ;)

As to the Steam thread, we've been here, right on this forum, the whole time. And we're not going anywhere, either. ;)

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Whether it's improbable or not is still up in the air though. ;)

I agree with the Legate in as far as the forum here goes. If the forum was dead, we wouldn't have stuck around over this massive Wait Trek™.

I continue to feel that Y2 will be worth it, but, I do question if the Team hasn't painted themselves into a corner due to the long wait. A lot of people are undoubtedly going to be expecting a Master Work after the wait. The massive secrecy over Y2 doesn't help define our expectations either.

I don't even think that the long wait is the worst aspect; I think a lot of us want to know why Y2 went from being  "just around the bend/ Next Year" to complete silence. Because that alone is pretty disheartening.

Y2 will come eventually, but the old saying about a watched pot rings true here as well. Find something else to do and when you come back, you might be surprised. :)

I've started collecting Game Boy games (in addition to all the other old retro stuff I have) to help my gaming itch and kill time because there really aren't many new games out on the horizon that I'm interested in. Unfortunately pretty much all of them require new batteries in order to save due to their age. It turns out that pokemon red is over 20 years old now. :( Gotta collect, though. most original game boy games are still pretty cheap.

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I honestly refuse to believe 2nd year is coming at this point. It makes it less frustrating. If it does come out, great, but I'm not buying it. I uninstalled year 1 because I got to the point where looking at it on my steam library would annoy me to much. I don't think I've ever followed a studio so reticent with details and I guess I'm to used to transparency. Did the team not have the funds to prioritize year 2? Was a main developer ill? Did the team need a break from such a huge project to work on other things? Has it really taken 7 years to still have an unfinished product? I have no idea! And I've gotten the overwhelming impression that BCS doesn't see why that's an issue which is bizarre to me. And don't bother looking on the steam forums for any answers.

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While I'm cynical and don't expect Y2 to be released in this calendar year, I do have hope that the closed beta will show up sometime in June-July. Assuming that the Team finally releases the Final patch for Y1 this month.


...If not, then all bets are off. Haha!

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