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What Triggers are for Y2?


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I was wondering if the following triggers could be used to permit players to begin adventures or encounter random events during Y2:

1. Whether a PC or NPC has passed and/or failed a Y1 course.

2. Whether a PC and an NPC have Affection (and/or Love) between each other.

3. Whether the PC and a professor or Regent have a given relationship value.

Similarly, I wonder whether the presence of Affection (and/or Love) between the PC and and NPC and the presence of a relationship of varying strengths between the PC and professor or Regent could be used as the basis for certain choices within random events or adventures.

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Would it be possible to use a character's familiarity research level as a trigger? That, is, either by unlocking additional texts/options in an adventure if a character has a given research level (say, Wit 10) or even unlocking new adventures at such levels? This would certainly make Research more rewarding.

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@Legate of Mineta: Is there a memory associated with meeting a certain woman in a swamp and tricking her about a certain book? If so, may I know the name of this memory for writing my Y2 adventure? Is there a memory associated with merely meeting this woman in a swamp (not to be confused with Euneycia who lives in a bog)?

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