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How goes the Progress for Y2?


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Now we're asking on the progress made on the vehicle that may or may not be used to announce the progress of Y2. I love it! :)

The pent up emotions we have are getting quite severe. I hope that our psyche doesn't pop under the stress of waiting so long... :(

Legate, I feel for you. You seem to have been turned into our pincushion that has to take the brunt of our anxiousness! ;)

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You beat me to it! The Team met for planning and we discussed the topic.

However, given the amount of time they felt it would take to do it properly, or to their satisfaction, they didn't want to commit. They are happy to field questions and answers as they have done, but as time allows, so they can best focus on development in the hours available.

So it is for now, at any rate. :)

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