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How about all 1st years get a spell effect on them as soon they enter the Academagica the first time (Introducion Letter).

The Effect of this spell prevent all Hostile and "sadly" Social actions but also complet prevent Events for the first 3-4 days.

(Maybe could be longer for the NPCs if the team whant to give the player a headstart)


This idea came to me thanks to Nyaas post here: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1662&pid=11071&st=60entry11071


Edit: RE Library 7 the ExitNew reminds me on the Gate Spell that does exact this effect only that the Gate Spell summons a Ghost instead of just be a Glamor. So Maybe add a Gate exit also ^^.

Investigation Observation: Is there rely no one Nearby who can Help you?

Success: Sadly your alone in this room, but halt maybe you can cast a spell to get some help.

Unlock Gate and Glamour exit

Failure: What have you expected this is a private room! So you on your own and you just wasted time.

Success chance -10%


Exit New2: Will work on this as soon I remember the Spell Name.


Edit2: A Headband where you can put in all your feathers so that they are active the same time would be something nice ^^ (Game effect As long the Headband is equiped your Feather slots are expanded by 4)

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The Introduction Letter is the best place to put it when it sould be active the first day at the school but from the RPG point off view I would say its a Place Effect of the Academagia.


History for this:

When Mastery was still allowed a Headmaster experimented with a powerfull Placemagic spell to ensure that the Students dont waste to much time with other things beside Study at last within the walls of the Academagia. Because some Students suffered from isomania the expirment got stoped and the Spell wasnt maintened any more. Still the effect was burnt into the Academagica grounds but the effect got restisted by more and more people so it got weaker of time. Today the Effect its only a shadow of what it once was and people are only affected the first vew days when entering the Academagia bevore they resist the effect.

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I think its more like a sugestion for year 2 because its not just the adding of the slots, the problem is when the item is unequiped and the player lose the added slots when probably new code is needed.

(2 posibilitys either all items in the extra slots drop to the knapsack then or the item cant removed as long there are featers equiped but the later have the disadvange it cant be used for illegal items)

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Godina Park: Evacuation Flotilla only gives 2 very common Skill improvments (Random Revision + Curage) that is to less for a Place that get unlocked from a SS at 11.

At last I would add a Random SS to get it in line with other medicore places (Still the Library of Manetele would be bether).

A other idea would be add of 2 steps Art Appreciation in addition of the curent skills to become a good choise in special chases.


Edit: Familiar Bond Adventure Rabbit 08a could the Roll Duel + Luck vs 11 replaced with a Roll of a Duel SS + Luck vs 12 or 13 because its a real pain to push 3 Familiar SS to at last 8 with a attribute of 2. Sadly there is no way to temporary push a Familiar Skill thats why a SS roll even if it is higher is much , much easyer.

For people who dont look like me fare in advance what rolls are needed for this chain in the editor I would say this Bond Adv, its probably imposible to manage it bevore the year ends.

(Btw. My Rapidly's skills looking by now nearly like a 1st year around the Midterm with Athletics, Dialectic, Glamour, Revision and Rethoric as Class skills. Perhaps I push one more class Skill to 4 or 6 just out of fun till the end of the year so Rapidly could make the midterms ;) )


Edit2: I think Familiar Bond Adventure Rabbit 03 and 04 sould be linked so that there is no break. I think this would be good because from the text step 04 is happening immediatly after 03 and 04 contain no roll.

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Just wondering if its realy that difficult to haggle with the pirats in Student Adventure Carmine *4 because difficulty 23- 26 are even above the difficulty to Negate the Map (20) in the Orso Main Adventure.

Especial because there is already a contact established.

In step 5 there are even Rolls of 26-29 needed oO. (Welcome to year 3 difficultys?)

(Difficultys acording to the ModBase2)

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Is write Travelogue intended to give out so much money?

My reward for using it was 100 + 1000 + 100 + 250 =1450 pims sure its probably just a onetime pay but its realy a loot of money.

I wondering because this is just the pay I got for starting it ... now when we finish this Travelogue in a vew months (year 2?) how much money would we get then?!

Maybe we will be able to get some monthly pay with a random hight for book publishing in year 2 and bejond ^^.

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I realy hope we get a bether event manager in year 2.

Because Having class Events on the weekend or when the player dont go to classes on the day is kind of strange.

I.e I just got RE Health and Illness 6 on my first class day but the char was the complet day in the Venalicium because nothing was teached on this day.

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Hello everyone,


I have only read through the last few pages of this thread, but wanted to send my first pair of suggestions in. I apologize if this has been brought up before!


Suggestion #1: Categorize Adventures in the Adventure Screen


Categories I could see would be:


1) Main Quest Lines

2) College Quest Lines (Goddina, Aranaz, etc.)

3) Student Quest Lines

4) Familiar Quest Lines (Seems this label is already there)

5) Profession Quest Lines (Musician, Baker, Forger, Botanist)

6) City Quest Lines

7) Class/Professor Quest Lines


I think keeping them organized into categories would better allow new players to recognize what part of the world they are looking to have an affect on.


Suggestion #2: Completed Quest Histories


I think this suggestion would take a significant amount of coding time and may not be feasible for short-term implementation. However, it could be incredibly useful from both a story-telling and personal enjoyment/achievement standpoint.


Once a quest line is finished, it should be moved into a seperate section of the character history. A brief synopsis of each section of the quest would be displayed and the results listed (with rewards as well).


Each section of the quest could be clicked on to bring-up the dialogue pages from the quest to read through all at once if a player wanted to go back and see how their actions in year 1 might affect a quest in year 3.

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Great suggestions! Both have been suggested before, and we plan some form of categorization for Adventures (although not necessarily along those lines.) For #2, this is something we are very interested in, and for exactly the reasons you note!


That said, both of these are likely to appear in Year 2, rather than Year 1.


Thanks again!

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