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Something neat would be newspapers, if they could be crammed into the game. I remember fondly the Arcanum newspapers. Taxes always seemed to be on the increase...


Sidetracked,.. I just thought that, even if they had little to no consequence, it would still make the world more alive, even if it was "just" Mineta Weekly or such ;)

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I can only agree with the sentiment :( ...



Still life must go on (or else we will never see the second year!).


Had another suggestion/question,


When doing student adventures, shouldn't the student (providing the adventure) get a reward too (perhaps the same expantions as the player receives)?

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Could you pleace direct link Bright young Vernin 02 and 03? Because it would be kind of strange wenn the char found what he was requested but keep it in his knapsack for days till he delivers it.


Edit: Random Event Lake 3 Exit 1 - IE was kind of strange because my char only haved one short meeting in a other event with this in his eyes strange Prof. ^^

"In any case, Professor [instructor]Instructor/Selection of Instructor/William Vickery, who's obsessive about the grounds, has taught you how to walk gently without hurting any living thing."

Maybe Restrict this exit to Botany Class if you keep this description and instead remove the needed investigation

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I think Merit Prize VIIII have the same problem from the RPG point as the other I reported a bit back here.

Maybe the Glory gain is because a Jornalist report about the Academagica in a positive way and even made a short interview with each student of the winning college.


Edit 1: I would Suggest to Restrict Random Event Professor Badcrumble 1 to Avila Female only. My reason for this request is because the common rooms are splited by College and the Campus Building are wide away from each other.

Especial when a boy of a other college get chought sneaking around in the girl doorm of Avila by Prof. Badcrumble and this in the midle of the night I am sure it end in worse then just send the offender to his room.


It dont even works for a Avila boy because acording to the gender split Avila Adventure chain they are in seperat tower so its not just that your in the wrong floor!

(So over all this event only works right for girls from Avila from the infos I have by now)


Alternative is that you rewrite this event so that it hapens outdoor in the night when the Prof. and the Avila Student are on theyr way to the Bel Alze Tower or some other telscope.


Edit 2: Could you direct link Bright Young Vernin 4a and 5a because from the text 5a hapends absolut direct after 4a.

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Is there still a way to find the "The Venalicium Library: Forbidden Archives"?

As fare I could see its removed from the Adventure Chain "Venalicium Adventure" but with the location flaged as Library instead of Discoverable Explore probably also can't give it.

If there is no way anymore could you please give us at last one way to discover it?

(+ maybe a hint what way it is in The Spoiler Room)

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Ups just haved a look at the wiki and there it is listed as level 11 for Research. So forget my suggestion if this is true.


Edit: RE Event Garden 5 when the Player can act to pray why couldnt he real pray for the dog to find his way to the afterlive?

(Or how the belives are what hapens to the dead who didn't become a ghost)

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Perhaps later years actual get free time instead of superviced learning during the class time at the days of the exams?


Edit1: Can you add to the Succes Exits of the City Hall Adventure 2 some text that you returned to Bartolo to report about you resoult at the Guild and that you will now have to look at some laws if there is no bether way.

(Letting this poor man for days without knowing what hapened at the Guild is very rude and maybe even resoult in much more problems for him because then he will go on its own to the guild leaving his books alone in the open street.)

Btw. who came up with the cheese story oO and who with sane mind will use Fight City Hall after this?


Edit2: RE Forst 12 can you remove the mention of zoology class in Exit 1?

This event is not restricted to players with Zoology class and so having to read the char remember them from zoology class is strange!


Edit3: Angular Displacement only have a effect usable in a Duel but is also in the normal Cast Spell list?! Maybe its bether to make it a Duel only spell.

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Its not just that there is class but nothing is teached for the complet time the exams are running.

I think its normal because the people who have exam wouldn't learn this and some of the Prof have to watching over the exam instead of teaching at the class.

But just having class to simulate that the Students have to learn of theyr own at this time dont realy works out in a game like this because learning on theyr own would mean they actual could learn somthing new at the class.

So all class Slots of nearly the complet Cheimare are wasted time if one whant to see it to this extrem.


Edit: RE Library 13 perhaps we can get there a Journalism exit also to ask him afterward why he did this and so learn about the Student?

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The description of Praesidium ab Igne dont realy match the effect of it.

From the story I would expect a increase in some Forge SS and a special Protection against fire but not a increase in Negation SS and a decrease in the Incantation SS of a oponent.

I hope the spell effect of this spell gets a rework in year 2 to bether match this story.

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