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I was wondering if this method still works. Anybody?


I attempted to overwrite a few portraits (in OfficialContent/Resouces ) and tried to start the game, much to my dismay the game used the old portraits. Of curiosity I deleted the content of the Resources folder, and started the game again, it started up quite normally and still held all the portraits. Curious, isn't it?


So I was wondering if anyone is still able to switch portraits this way still or if the problem is in my (poor) editing skills.

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No, a new game, not that it makes any more sense...



It seems like that my game doesn't need the /resouces subfolder at all. It retains all the portraits somewhere and even after an uninstall and reinstall it is still the same.


Just to be clear, the portraits that 'should' be altered are the ones in the .../Academagia - The Making of Mages/OfficialContent/Resources/ right?

Also, do the rest of you have a [Content_Types].xml in the OfficialContent? It seems suspect, and I can delete it without the game complains in the least...


Anywho, sleepy time.

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Aha! For whatever reason the new version does require the Resources, and reads the pictures from there accordingly. Purretty neat. I still wonder why the former version didn't, but hey, it works :huh:



Holy hell in a handbag! I managed to switch a picture, started the game to see if it worked - which it did. Exalted I began to switch a few more and start the game anew. But it only showed the picture I initially had changed.



New theory, does Vista do some clever-boy thingamagic like save a number of required files to make the game run smoother in some instances?

Did any Vista users manage to get this working?



SOLVED! Success! Eureka! Gummybears!

After searching one of the picture names I found the academagia cashe in programdata/academagia/cashe/ - after deleting the cashe it was forced to actually look at the pictures that I had replaced.


So, all in all, sorry for the (many many) edits and slightly odd posts, but if people have the same problem as me then find the cashe and bring it DOWN. Good huntn'!

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I've appreciated all the advice on this thread so far. Just started making my own portraits; and let me say that making them isn't the problem - it only takes me about 5 minutes or so to edit one. My profile pic is one of the portraits I edited. I just took Irene Oxina's face and put it on one of the female Morvidus PCs. Then I lengthened the PC's hair and lightened the face a bit to blend. Now I can have a believable portrait to match the paradoxically charming, but aloof character I want to make.


THE PROBLEM IS . . . well, there were numerous problems which have, for the most part, been resolved, except for one itty bitty detail. The corners aren't transparent. When I save in Paint it won't let me save with transparency, so the portrait in the game has about 4 pixels on the top corners that obscure the nice braided gold frame.


4-8 pixels? you ask. Really?



Yes, really. I want you all to know that it is late and I am tired . . . otherwise, I would not be revealing to the Internet at-large how obnoxiously perfectionist I can be when it comes to casual art projects. Alas, self-restraint went to bed without me two hours ago, and here I am in all my OCD glory!


So, is there no work-around for my dilemma? Must I suffer the agony of 8 superfluous pixels? Or is there some solution to this problem?


P.S. I guess I will add a larger version of my portrait. It's the only thing that has gone right tonight on this computer :(.


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It's okay! I figured it out . . . sorta. I went to bed, woke up, and then just thought, "Huh, maybe I should just screenshot the gold braid and add it on top of my portraits. And I did and it works. So, I still have superfluous pixels, but they are camouflaged, so it's all good now.

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P.S. <3 Adrian! Good luck with your exams (in June? That sucks. Unless, of course, you are from the southern hemisphere, and then it might not be so bad seeing how it is winter. Anyway, if you have a program with layers, like Photoshop, just screenshot the game while using a portrait that still has the frame neatly around it. Then go in, add that on top of your portraits, and then edit away the interior so you can see your portrait. The way I have it now it works with the background image seamlessly so the OCD demon in me is fooled.


Now to go feed the pancake demon in me . . .

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Oh gods.


First an evil Cream Pudding and now a pancake demon.



Go, Pignut Pie, let's gang up on Leoshi!


Anyway, nice work. I am not sure will this work, but have you considered getting a free software like GIMP which support transparency, and get rid of that 4 pixel?

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Photoshop and GIMP are equivalent in that both support transparency. The problem is I can't save the Photoshop files into something my game will recognize, even when I remove the file extension. What I eventually had to do last night to get the portrait to 1) load into the game and 2) not crash the game, was edit it in photoshop, flatten all the layers, copy, paste it on top of the existing file I wanted to edit in Paint, save to a duplicate folder on my desktop, and then paste the duplicate folder into the OfficialContent folder (because it wasn't letting me save directly into the folder). It sounds like a hassle, but once I figured out the steps, it's fine - actually fairly simple. It's just the figuring out bit that's frustrating.


Yeah, but basically, because Paint had to be an intermediary software in the process, I couldn't do transparency at all. It's okay now though. It looks as though it is transparent.


FEAR NOT, ACADEMAGICIANS! The pancake demon is sated. I fed it a red velvet pancake early this morning; it then growled its contentment at me before wrapping itself snuggly around my soul and falling asleep.


Hey . . . we all have our hang ups . . .

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Ah, I'm new here, but I've already seen those bunches of numbers before (and am not sure what they mean).


But I digress--yes, I believe I know the feeling of having only two choices.

I spent a couple minutes personalizing my character too )as you can see).

I did use Irene Oxina's portrait as a base and made tweaks until the character took on a very similar look to me (sans red eyes of course--I just wanted my character to look evil. I love playing evil oriented characters)

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humm.. I could have sworn I figured the transparency thing out. I'll try looking for it, but it was a question of the right save format. Like png or jpg or something allowed for transparency and was still allowed in-game.


If worse comes to worse I'll see if I can't reconstruct it. I remember that I though I ought to have posted it here too, but it was in reply to something and dual-posts are against all I believed in (at the time :P ).



I just realized that I replied to a somewhat older topic, but anyway.


The game should be able to read .png images, png has the advantage over jpg in that it can remember transparency, allowing you to modify portraits to allow the neat golden edges to remain.


So there we are :)

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I know this is an old post, but on the off chance someone reads this I had to ask.


Is there a way or a method in which I can identify Student Portraits from their Resource file names?

I noticed there was a pretty comprehensive list here already but it only goes up to the letter L.

And just my luck the character portrait I'm looking to edit in particular is Tabin Furenzti. Letter T.


I have Mod tools, but it seems excessive to spend 6+ hours publishing a mod for one image (since I have no interest in altering anything but the portrait).

I've already replaced two of the Player Preset Student Portraits which took like two minutes.


But for future reference it would be nice if I knew how to read the Resource file names in general.

Otherwise, if anyone knows Tabin Furenzti's resource file name straight up, I'd really like to know it too.

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Hiya Lylla and welcome to the (posting part of the) forums :)


I've no good way to recognize which character has which file name, Mikka might know, but I am not sure there is an easy way to find what you are looking for.


As for Tabin, his file-name is 4b14cb8f-1599-4d40-8352-c54dc68c1662


If I remember it then I'll try to make a complete list at some point, cause they are actually handy to have. (Unless someone is willing to do it before me, in which case please do! :) )

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Glad I could help. List so far. Likely won't progress further today, but feel free to list other houses/teachers, finish Aranaz if anyone wants tongue.gif

Teachers and Regents
Sixt von Rupprecht - 8377af66-5c39-4527-af2c-af3e5ffcee29

Kate Bandcrumble - 5f989b61-48c4-45a0-b94d-3f9cdeb43456



Aranaz Students:

The Female PC 1

The Female PC 2

The Male PC 1

The Male PC 2

Aveline Cincebeaux - 2cf8b96f-83fb-4145-a132-f8c786a5d78f
Aymeri Couer - fc1054f4-5b95-41bf-ae6d-2fd87bf669d5
Basia Rydz - afa69e75-322b-419b-805f-f02282b807d5
Carmine Sturzo - ee0bc8d8-3871-409e-8ff8-7fae4981e9b5
Courtenay de Surval - 1fcc8765-48ce-4257-b70b-e11eae6118c9
Emilia Strolin - 433fde1f-31db-4a25-83c2-fac02930285a
Grainne Inneith - 43aad914-682c-4849-943e-31b8c678de9e
Malacresta Vercesi
Milena di Montors - 1378587e-2c98-416a-bc73-e789b04ec4db
Montague Ruffo - 2872f6be-8197-407b-ab57-7d1fbfd0e7d8
Raoul Leconte - a2f560a7-c262-49dc-bc11-07839681b21b
Rikildis von Kiep - 74167889-0920-44e2-836e-84400385750f
Tabin Furenzti - 4b14cb8f-1599-4d40-8352-c54dc68c1662
Vrenelle Bonvin - ab53cf3d-0894-4956-a54e-d4c178594523



The Female PC 1 - ce042c4f-402f-4abb-8d3f-a953cc3a79a3

The Female PC 2 - 8525b86b-8ca1-46cd-b298-bbc38191c625

The Male PC 1 - 7daaa8d4-13d4-4982-9dfe-ba667f3a7483

The Male PC 2 - 736175f5-f90d-449a-9a37-673fd6446a89


Ana Flavia Bessa - a36d2c7b-5e46-4ae8-98d7-d6835399d8a0

Avgust Kostrodyrets - 62aadd00-f1ab-4317-b792-82c9b473b76c

Cinzia Ammacapani - 7753e1a9-f5db-4757-bc89-1cefb8d45734

Cosetta Re - caa0e169-769d-4dea-9f4c-e5b51e1a2ca0

Cyrus Dawes - dcc35df2-299f-4717-ad92-b8ed82d4df4b

Emilia Picotti - c185d639-1b03-4398-9448-f9fb9c2dc724

Gwendy Zuyder - fb3681b4-6f0b-4302-b43c-e730cfc13019

Irene Oxina - 6689d2ff-46e6-4701-9bf4-dcf4801bd95a

Olivia Solaris - 0595b751-7e10-4006-90af-2b89d64dcf49

Oriabel Sidot - 0605c77e-2823-4364-9220-64101bc26147



The Female PC 1

The Female PC 2

The Male PC 1

The Male PC 2




The Female PC 1

The Female PC 2

The Male PC 1

The Male PC 2


Alan Driscoll - b0b242b6-3c18-4b90-8f66-39e12b907826

Silke Niederstatter - 0aab6202-5caa-4660-96a3-bd2dfb482aa7

Vuillaume Eparvier - d05723fa-8321-4e90-9e67-14d0a3c10d81



The Female PC 1

The Female PC 2

The Male PC 1

The Male PC 2


Beatrix von Wetgen - 8e8ce5ab-5bbf-495f-88bd-fe4887be5b23

Eliana Carosi - b5bb0333-8378-442d-b9b6-1e313894be0c

Joana Lio y Rossollo - 1187d493-5bd2-4533-b07d-9ee7c2723e73

Mairgrete Strakley - 4cadde54-e9d3-477e-be5d-ada4a3b5735f

Uliva Valaresso - 2d4c3558-a647-40d1-a8ea-bb421fd59da6

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Sorry to necro a really old thread, but it seemed like the best place to post in about the problem I'm having.


I'm trying to replace some portraits and have done so successfully with the method advised earlier in the thread. The problem is that, with the release of DLC 17, its portraits override the base files that I altered; while the portraits are changed without the DLC's mod activated, I'd prefer to play with the DLC active. I can't open the "mod" associated with the DLC with the Mod Tools application to replace the portraits (given that it seems to be an MDM not associated with the Mod Tools, though maybe I just tried to open the wrong file), and I'm not certain if making a new mod to add my portraits is a sensible course of action, both because it would take a long while and because I'm concerned about any instability between Mod Base 3 and DLC 17.


Assuming I haven't misunderstood something, is there a way to access the DLC file(s) and add my portraits that someone else might be aware of?

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There currently is not a way to access the DLC 17 mod base. That will be released down the road, but not right now. It's to make sure people don't simply look up everything new and spoil the fun of finding new adventures. Mind you, accessing the DLC mod base wouldn't solve this problem anyway. For reasons I've never quite understood, the mod tools do not allow you to mod a mod. This includes the DLC 17 "mod".


Really, I'm just curious that there's new portraits. Legate, are they located anywhere where people can replace them the old fashioned way?

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