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In year 2, will it be possible to incorporate duels in adventure? I.e if an adventure leads to you fighting another student, will it be possible to make the adventure shift to "duel mode", and then continue afterwards, which different results depending on the result of the duel?

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I'm wondering how many adventures will have Yr 2 consequences, some which seemed like they should have follow-on's:


Main storyline - all variants and follow-ups

A Not So quiet Day - angry cultists, the chimney crows, neither will forget you

Cirillo Lazioso's Gamble - membership of a "trade guild" is bound to have some consequences

A Chance encounter at the Admiratio - you have some deeply unhappy pirates

Fixing the Food - the eternal hatred of the cooks, possibly a contact with an interest in interesting students, the gratitude of gourmands in the student body...

Once Discovered... Both options have "bad idea" written all over them

Request a Meeting with Your Mentor - how could you forget Oan? Or fail to help a new student as much as she helped you?

The Bad Boy's Bluster - the Maze of Celsus may not have paid out in Yr 1, but possibly you need to find the hidden maze within?

The House in the Bog - Not something you get to talk away from, once you've opened that door you'll never quite close it again

The Much Rumoured Tower - there's one last room - at least that's what the friendly ghost said before trying to kill you and it sounded trustworthy

Your Legend Grows - in which the oddly capitalised society presumably gains a point

You're being watched - no, paying off the blackmailer won't have worked, doh!


The Legate suggested that any incomplete adventures can't be finished and any undone can't be done in Yr 2 so it maybe that adventures are getting a major overhaul and the answer will be none :(

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