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What Character Storyline Will You Play First?



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  1. 1. What Character Storyline Will You Play First?

    • Nigel Hemsworth (Professor)
    • Ahmose (Mummy)
    • Felix Weber (Childhood Friend)
    • Sterling Evans (Rival)
    • Roland (Super Spy)
    • A little bit of each (Family Focus)

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I just saw the point in Ahmose's adventure where Sadie identifies Claudia as two or three years younger then her. That's less of an age difference then with Nidge, so I wouldn't see a problem with a romance with her... of course, she's sorta stuck in Peru, which would be a problem.



Sterling. Does his romance activation happen after peru, or after n'awlins? I've seen both reported on the board, and I'm afraid I missed it. On a side note, even if his romance doesn't activate on Christmas, it would be nice if you could spend Christmas with him anyway. I had him up to exactly 30 affection, and it seemed sad that they couldn't go find a window to crawl through together for the night (because that's what they apparently do in N'York).



Romancing Roland at the moment, though I'm going to end up with an Ahmose friendship ending because going back to ten cards hurt and I screwed up and got no dream points in Peru. Roland is an adorable little ball of neurosis. He's fun. I don't think I can not do his adventures, either, because... bad end. Must make sure he gets his safe ending!



I feel bad for not doing Felix yet- I like him well enough, but I feel like Sadie really likes him. You constantly get stuttering and bashful reply options, which is very different then her interaction with the other boys, which is mostly all confidence. When I hook her up with someone else, I sort of feel like I'm denying her her first love. Which, you know, first love is often overrated, but it still pulls at my gut a bit.

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Hah, I feel like Felix is the OTP too! I feel like he's the only guy that really knows her,you know? I'm a sucker for best friends romance. His route kinda lack drama tho, especially if played after Roland. I was so looking forward to the different classes angst, or to see them trying to have an awkward date, but they mostly had a Card Captor Sakura thing going on, blushing and missing chances to say what they feel, and I was a bit dissapointed. Still, he's really cute, and beside Sterling, the only guy who seemed to be into Sadie even if you don't pay him any attention. Poor pup.

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Warning: Otome fangirl and her ridiculous ranting about Scheherazade's boys.


I went for Roland first (naturally).

Sleek black hair and blue, smouldering eyes? Sign me up.

I laughed a bit too hard at the British and bad teeth thing though.


I was also really charmed by Felix--his Starlight blonde hair and Celtic green eyes...

And he's handy with doodads AND a big sweetheart? Slow down Black Chicken, you're going to give me a toothache with how sweet this character is.


As for Sterling...I dubbed him Octopus-head.

I kept imagining a certain octopus Pokemon on his head...

But anyways, he's actually also really sweet.

Secret romantic my butt--he's very clearly a romantic.

Maybe just a tad shy and fumbles over how to express his feelings.


As for Ahmose and the Professor, I haven't finished them yet.


I do like Kheper though.


And I second Zul Al Zan being a secret obtainable character.

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I came over from Hanako's forums as soon as I saw 'romance a mummy' so Ahmose has my vote. So far I'm in the middle of September, happily on his path and loving this game. Great job. I can't decide between Roland or Sterling for the next playthrough though...

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Gosh! I HAVE been behind!


I've downloaded and played the demo... Based on that alone, I'd totally go for Nigel. I'm probably romanticizing the Professor, though. Not too sure about Felix. :/ Then again, I've only played the demo, so...


Anyway, it seems pretty awesome buuuuut, out of curiosity, will there be a Windows 8 version of Scheherazade? I am considering buying it, but seeing as I'm retiring my Vista and I have a new laptop this may be a problem.


Sorry if this had been asked elsewhere on the forum or if it's a common sense question or if I should ask this somewhere else (Support? But then I haven't bought it yet).


P.S.: Also, hahahahahahaha, I love Sadie's name, for obv reasons. Lol.

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We do not officially support Windows 8, but I *believe* Scheherazade will run fine on that OS. Academagia Y1, however, will not. :(


Hmmm... To buy or not to buy?


But the fact that Academagia will not work makes me sad. :( So if I want to play Y2, I won't be able to transfer le saved games to the new one? :/


Thanks anyhow. I'll do my inner debate thing and see what comes out.


Worse comes to worse I'll go back to lurking and see if anyone else has the same problems. :) Anyway, take care!

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