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Composit year 2 thead.

Leon Cross

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Yep! It is being worked on- actually, even as I type. :)

Well, that is indeed wonderful news, thank you. :)


I am now going to ask a terrible question. The original intent as I understand it was for Academagia to be a five year sojourn. Is the team planning to continue it's efforts through all of five years? Will a third year possibly show up three or four years after the second year?


Myself, I cannot imagine how the sheer quantity of content available in the first year could possibly be replicated in subsequent years without spending years more in development. The way I would approach that is to not eliminate from the play choices in subsequent years, adventures that were not chosen from the content of previous years. Meaning, let us do the adventures from previous years that we did not yet do, even when in the later years. Yes, this might make them easier to do, but is that not the point of gaining in abilities? And doing it that way, releasing subsequent years will not require quite so much new content.

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Unfortunately, very few Adventures from Year 1 will be available going forward- alas, the chance to do them is gone! :)


Well, while that does increase replayability somewhat, it also massively increases the work load needed to release subsequent years. How about including them, but just add an extra 50% to their difficulty level for each year beyond their intention?

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So, wait, if you don't do that adventure in Y1 Ana just...gives up, or something? I had assumed that Y1 adventures the PC doesn't participate in still happen, they're just done by other people off-screen. Like, if the PC doesn't fix Ana of her curse someone else (her Clique, maybe?) does, so she'd start Y2 uncursed either way. Would explain why her Y1 adventure doesn't exist anymore - it's no longer relevant.


@Panpiper - Ana Flavia is cursed, and her Y1 adventure allows the PC to uncurse her. Apparently if you don't fix her in Y1 she'll remain cursed forevermore. Or not. I don't know.

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I also have a hard time believing that Ana would just give up like that. Especially when the curse doesn't even seem that hard to remove when you figure out what it is. Just get a new wand. Sure maybe a quality wand would be expensive and the cursed wand is her grandmother's so it's got enough sentimental value to make it unlikely to be discovered by accident... but still!

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A basic wand only costs 50 Pims, and Ana has 75 Pims with 90 PA worth of funds available. Besides which, you'd think someone described as "horribly clumsy" and an effective Luck of 0 she'd eventually trip and break her wand or something.


EDIT: Returns to what? Trying to address the issue in her Y1 adventure? The Academagia itself? A farm full of cows?

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Ugh. I just tried and failed to make a dent in uncovering Y2 info for a comprehensive thread with references that I can update.


It's been such a long wait period and so many posts, and it really sucks that 'Y2' is considered to be too short for the forums internal search engine to return hits on.


Anyway, this is what I got before I quit. I figured I might as well post it somewhere:


  • Year 2 is the informal name we have for the second game of Academagia. which will have a different subtitle than the first's "Making of Mages"




  • You will be able to import your character as they are after kalrii 27 has been completed... though completing Y1 up to that date is not required.


  • Y2 Adventure continuation explanation.




  • In Y2, Romances will be able to start, although the exact details are still secret, however, those expecting anything too serious will probably be disappointed.





  • Year two will have a general level cap of 20 for skills, (although that is as flexible as Y1's level cap of 10)


  • Familiars are going to be more in focus in Y2, allowing even those who don't spend time training them will have use of them.




  • You will be able to aquire a new student to 'mentor' as you yourself were mentored by Oan in Y1, but only "if you have good enough grades, and are respected by the Instructors."


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