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A scaling ui is going to be a big boon. I remember reading more than one review which complained about all the dead space, but to be fair, at traditional resolutions at or just above 1024x728 It really isn't so bad, but my monitor is capable of nearly twice that, and I'm not picky about that sort of thing, so I can understand that some would find it annoying.


So, Legate, any word as to when we might expect this trailer?

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But, it's confirmed that DLC17 as a whole will be focused on shifting to Y2, right? While the greenlight is bound to be focused on wooing folks who haven't seen the game at all yet, I'm very interested in how much DLC17 information will be included, and how much will be a more generic advertising for Y1.

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But *I* would like to say, that having the Legate give us dates are a good thing, because then we can poke the Team a little when they fail to deliver, and everyone laughs a bit and we learn a little bit more.


To do otherwise is like like giving them a license to slack. Saying that we don't really care how long it takes. While that may be partially true in the most abstract sense (Nobody wants a rushed, sloppy experience) Sometimes you just gotta crack that whip and see what happens. :)

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