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Captain's Association Bingo, Round 9!

Legate of Mineta

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That being said next week Leningrad gets my vote. I wold really like to see Mahan and her "talk" again lol. The ships I honestly want to see interviewed are Navada, Leningrad, Lexington, Moskva, and whoever is that lovely lady on E2.

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If I managed to count 'em right...




B3 3v

B4/Bearn ~2v

B5/Saguenay 1v

C2/D'Aosta 1v

C4/Wicher 1v

D1/Nevada 1v

D2/Lexington 2v

D3/Canarias 1v

D4/Bulldog 4v

E2/De Ruyter 1v

E4/Rawalpindi 1v

F1/Щ-205 8v




I didn't get the second for Bearn, but that looks like my count otherwise.

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Dano and/or Metis, if would be so kind? :)

As usual you have until Sunday, afternoon-ish, PST, to cast your vote!

Vote for whichever Belle you would like to have interviewed next.




Don't need an exact time, but "Voting ends Sunday" or something like that just so those who don't know the drill have as much warning as possible might be prudent.



You mean like that?

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