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Captain's Association, Round 38: Vote by Sunday, 3/19, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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I should stress right now, in my usual manner of straying the vote, 3 reasons to vote for Nagato:


1) Henley is the last american. We've had two cheeseburgers in a row, and don't want to run out quite yet. Now that we have plenty more time before the opening of the beta again, it may be prudent to continue voting evenly for nations so we don't run out of any one major food group!


2) Nagato is a critical part of history. As the only confirmed member of the Big-7 16-inch-armed battleships, she was a major player in her day. An excellent design, and host to many great people and events. She participated in several major battles (Midway, Pearl Harbor, Leyte, and more! A storied history!) and was a figurehead for her nation until Yamato was launched in 1942. It was Nagato herself who sent the message to attack Pearl Harbor, and there's no doubt she'd be quite the noteworthy addition to our interview collection!


3) There may be the argument that she's not on the board, but may I remind you: the bingo board was made for ease of voting use. The only real requirements for a vote were that the belle was confirmed. The Bingo board simply became popular because having a visual made it easier to know what you were voting for back when belles were for the most part, unnamed and unconfirmed. it was a way for us captains to figure out exactly what history was behind that pretty smile, when we didn't even have a name. Now that all belles on the board are named, A name is really all we need. Nagato is confirmed, and therefore viable as a choice. In fact, I daresay we have more of a grounds for voting Nagato than we did Le Triomphant, given Nagato has a confirmed name and existence, and LT was naught more than a blurry placeholder picture who may not have even been a belle.



1) Don't run out of Americans yet!

2) Big7, Big trophy, Big History!

3) She's Legit!



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Sorry to ask, but which of them is Nagato again?!?

Nagato is a Write-in, as is Delusion/Morgana and HMS Orion.

For the Board itself, IFF is as follows:


A1->C1 /Moskva / Houston /Stewart /

A2->C2 / Profintern /Maillé Brézé / D'Aosta /

A3->C3 / Verdun / Henley / Maass /

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