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It looks like the bug that you can do adventures again that continue despite you have failed in the 1st step is still in the game.

At last I could do the adventure "It's not Like You Even Meant to Hurt That Hat ..." (Ode to Pluiete Adventure) again despite already finished it in this game, just because I failed the brute strength exit at the 1st step.

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Hi Legate,


I noticed that I'm not seeing the "indented 2nd column" any more after I resized the text area (edit: and apparently stealth upgraded to 3.0.8 :blink: ), so I messed around with the window size and what it looks like is: that if the 1st (indented) paragraph is long enough that it wraps into the 2nd column, then it stays indented in the 2nd column. So I don't know that I'd call it a "bug", but it does look weird. A possible fix for this would be to only indent the text around the big blue letter and not for the whole 1st paragraph (which would probably look better anyway).


There was another possible bug that I forgot to mention when I was typing my list:

  • When advancing the adventure phase, the text page is not reset to 0.

Although, now that I examine the text display functionality more closely, this is looking to be intentional. <_< Since what I thought was a bug, is instead looking like an intentional new approach: leaving text from all the day's events and adventure phases viewable while in event/adventure mode, and appending new text as it happens(?). So, it looks like the page position is moved to the page at which the new text is added, while adding pages for the newly added text to the existing pages...


Hmm.... I can see the advantages of the new contiguous display style, since there was often a time in the past where I double clicked or accidentally clicked and missed some text, but with the new method (assuming that's what it is), it's hard to quickly tell where the next text is starting. The blue text on the lead paragraph helps, but maybe there could be some kind of visual divider that's different between stages and phases? Showing the choice made would also help show the chronology, and for many of the adventures the choice text is important to the flow of reading the adventure stage. Not sure how it would look, but maybe even graying out the old text a bit so that it doesn't stand out as much as the current text could help.


So, for example:

  • Event Text [choice] result text [double line graphic] Adventure text [choice] result text [single line graphic] next phase text [choice] result text [single line graphic/current position graphic]new phase text


A fancy line graphic would look better (search "page divider graphic" in Bing Images for some quick examples), but if a nice font is used the dividers could even be something as simple as diamonds or : "---" and "===". Additionally, keeping the difficulty color for the choice text would probably be good.


But even if that could be done, there's probably a lot of people that would like to have a check box option: for event and adventures to be displayed in the old style (one phase at a time)...


Ah, moving further into the realm of feature requesting as opposed to bug reporting, but if the game is generating a full log of the day's event and adventure text, it would be nice if it were saved and made accessible from the daily summary somewhere... :huh: (Though that sounds like it might accidentally break old save files...)

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Did the Omen: Three Suns background get changed in the 3.0.8 patch? It appears to be missing from my character creation. Nothing after Omen: The Storm. Tried reinstalling/deleting everything etc. not sure if this is an actual bug.

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For me Omen: The Storm is the last I have and I'm someone who cleaned the cache bevor the update. Maybe you still have the previous version of the Steam DLC because you started again without cleaning the cache first.

SO yes Three Omens is missing in the version 3.0.8

(Beside Legate have you seen my last Suggestion)

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Ah good point Schwartzbart, I hadn't cleared the cache, so that was probably the difference. Any case, unless you guys are still showing the missing Three Suns problem, after clearing my cache and trying again, this one looks successfully fixed to me. (Version still listed as 3.0.8)

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Is this thread a good one for grammar & typos? Or should I start a new thread for those kind of minor fixes?


In: Random Event Awesome Community 57


2 subject-verb agreement problems:


"The rat squeak." => "The rat squeaks."

"The adventuress do a cartwheel!" => "The adventuress does a cartwheel!"

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