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DLC 17 Bugs


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Ok got another one:


Clockmaker's Adventure 03:


"I'm a student of College Mordivus," => Morvidus



Also same-day detention bug is still there. I was assigned detention for trespassing and reprimanded for skipping detention in the same day. It didn't loop infinitely though, just a single detention message for "skipping detention". The detention didn't show on the calendar until I advanced the game until the start of the next week, and appeared to be only a single detention for both reprimands.

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Missing word in:


Random Event Theft 5


"The woman looks around and gets ready to leave the shop with [the] potion, not realizing she has been observed."




Also noticed that the item images in stores are offset from their proper positions. Image attached below.


merchant item offset bug.png

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missing plural:

Rumors of Witches and Evil Intentions

Although Yggdrasill was not powerful enough to build a "Tree of Life", he built three well(s) at different entrances of the catacombs...


Incorrect pronoun:

Clockmaker Adventure 04

She's sort of laughing, and her face is red, and she also seems genuinely shocked. She's a disconcerting effect.

=> it's a disconcerting effect.


Random Event Revenge 6

The "character study" option isn't aligned with it's radio button. Likely there's a line feed or carriage return character after the text for the choice, making it treated as two lines instead of one.


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Sure, no problem. I'd thought about making a list and posting before, but I wasn't sure how many had already been fixed for DLC 17.



The Professor and Time:

"You could be a part of College Mordivus." => Morvidus

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Random Event Student Emilia S. 3 the Spy Exit miss a Space "Spy. Heck ifReitz wants dirt on Rikildis, you're game."


Edit: there is a bug with the selecting of items in the shop. If you sell items or fail to buy some items because they did cost to much the items in the buy window somehow keep selected despite the selector for them is gone. You can see that when look at the Cost to by as it show a value despite nothing looks like it is selected and when you hit buy it try to purchase the items you had selected before. The problem is that you can select this items now again so that they actual calculated 2x in the cost to buy!

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Noo. ;; I was hoping the shop bug wouldn't be touched.


Edit: though I think this bug and my bug are different? Hmm


Edit 2: it's probably related. Sigh. You can select equiped items, remove them and select again and double sell them. ;_;

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When I read Random Event Crafting 3 in the last ModBase right it should never happen when your relationship is negative with Vettor but I got this event with a relationship of -6 to Vettor!

Please say asap if you need a save after this happened that I know if I can delete the backup save I made.



- Bookworms Club 08 have a exit called Exit 1 - Onacestrian

- Bookworms Club 09 have a exit called Exit 2 - Negation Methodes.

- Wedding Adventure 08 the Negation Spell success exit: "You two talk. &Player Name&, why don't you help me figure out ..."


But might already be fixed because it was the old DLC we got via Steam.

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