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Favorite Pillar of Magic?


Favorite Pillar of Magic?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Pillar of Magic

    • Astrology
    • Enchanting/Artifice
    • Incantation
    • Revision
    • Glamour
    • Orthograhy (if it were still a Pillar)
    • Mastery
    • Gates
    • Negation

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I was wondering which Pillar of Magic players like best. I like revision magic because it is very easy for PCs to train in, has a cool teacher associated with it, and can be easily used to improve skills temporarily to overcome challenges and successfully complete adventures. Plus, the Revision College is my favorite from a story perspective ... Morvidus, with its pacifists and bullies and natural philosophers all being united by a love of animals (in theory...). Finally, revision magic may be used to transform people into animals for a while, which is interesting.

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There's an old poll if you are curious:


And wow Negation won ? From what I remember Mastery was leading all the way. Wonder if the team manipulated the result. :P 

But voted Enchant cause y'know Vernin and crafter powa.

But otherwise gotta agree that Negation is super cool. Can't beat lolnope pillar. Shame the college suck so much.


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By the way just because that quote is so good it deserves to be quoted again:

On 16/06/2014 at 8:23 PM, Svinik said:

Hmm, tough one. In rough order, least favoured to most:


Mastery - how failures compensate for their inadequacy, a true mage can do it themselves, they don't need to steal another's free-will - and then there is the whole invasion of privacy, salvery, etc schtick.

Astrology - odd and too unpredictable to be relied upon.

Glamour - fakes what should simply be done.

Incantation - for the flash, bang brigade it's the top, but outside of battle its utility falls off sharply.

Although Negation has a very wide interpretation, I like it solely due to utility, again however away from the magical intensity of the Academagia or battle it's utility falls.

Gates - if not for the chaos factor, it would be a strong contender, the ultimate mining, stock and herd management tool.

Revision - temporary changes are, well, temporary, and there isn't a lot on permanent changes that I've seen so it loses out a little.

Enchant - the only truly lasting art, if you what to make the world a better place in a constructive manner, the obvious winner.

Svinik-sempai ! :wub::wub:

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If I limit it just to what we have in year 1 I think its Revision for me although Calligraphy have the action I use the most in my last games its no magic.

For year 2 this might change but that depend on many things like if crafting becomes interesting or how the other students behave.

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Still Mastery, as limited as it's actual uses are ingame. Problem solving is just so much easier when you can cut through needless politics and polite rituals in favor of "get it done".

A slippery slope, to be sure, but omelettes, eggs, etc...

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Mastery is not just for wimps and losers. I feel that Control is not the only thing Mastery is used for. The positive uses, while underwhelming and overlooked, are worth looking into. Though to be sure I agree with the slippery slope bit

Incantation can be used for a whoooole lot of things outside of battle. The ability to conjure up anything you absolutely need in the here and now is quite desirable. Only Revision and Gates offer similar power, albeit with some drawbacks.

Glamour is very useful in certain situations. No doubt the illumination spells in the venalicium are wholly Glamours. I also feel it's a very handy shortcut magic to lessen the diffilculty of various tasks. It requires a powerful imagination and out of the box thinking to be used at maximum effectiveness however.

Revision is useful for repairs, and for adapting the world to be of higher utility, at least for a time. Revision is about perfection, although in a more subjective sense based on the users wants and needs.

Gates is about breaking down barriers. I wouldn't be surprised if there were Gates spells that allowed one to bypass the wall around a person's heart (spiriual heart) in order to form a strong bond between the user and the target. Of course, if so it's [redacted] but the schohanwicht special summoning tells a lot.

I don't especially like Astrology because most of it is very bizarre and unorthodox. Most of it doesn't revolve around traditional spellcasting, and I suspect a lot of it requires you to do things like dance around in a geometrically aligned circle for 3 hours. Even so, it has it's uses. Do you want to find something? Good luck using another magic.

Negation is not only useful in magic intensive activities and battle. As it is technically the school of understanding and manipulating forces, it can be used physically as well. There are many forces which can be manipulated. Light, gravity, and electricity are the big ones in the physical world, but you can even use Negation to do things like cut off oxygen to a fire. Even air pressure is a force. It is probably my favorite of the legal pillars because it has perhaps the most raw utility of all magic.

Enchantment is just adding long durations to the above, imo. That's oversimplified... its ability to combine the physical with magical is worth it's weight, however.

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This probably isn't the place, but I have a feeling that the reason Gates magic has become so chaotic is because it's tied to Dragons and other creatures like Wyverns that are tied to the magic. and each magic pillar is tied to magical creatures aroudn the world and as they die off magic weakens.  Those mages that sacrifised.. what was it a unicorn? to give birth to a Wyvern, might have been trying to bring gates magic back and stabilise it in their own way. Sacrifising one rare magical creature to bring back another that might have been more or less extinct. And as humans keep slaying dragons or they die off, their magic fades.

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