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How will magic scale upwards, BTW? Will a second year (eventually) have the statistics to cast a Wrath of the Comet's Tail with three Weakness Phemes added to it (Luck/Incantation v20), or will that spell be replaced with Wrath of the Meteor's Face? If the latter, will Wrath of the Comet's Tail be removed from the game when one learns Wrath of the Meteor's Face or will it remain, possibly cluttering the spell list pretty badly as years worth of spells start to add up?

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How about the possibility of learning certain phemes and spells by watching older students and professors, or even villains or guests in adventures? If you are observant or some similar skill. Or maybe an Observation/Lipreading(might work over a greater range) skill check. Or a combination of Observation/listening and skill in the pillar it belongs to.


It would make a nice bonus for year 2 School adventures like "a Letter from the Headmaster" adventure from year 1.


Time for wizards to start wearing "Sith like" masks to stop giving away their intended spells and teaching their rivals. I doubt the Professors would like that however ;) It would surely violate the schooluniform code in so many ways. I wonder if they would make an exception for duels.

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My previous character walked around most of the year wearing a beekeeper mask that gave +2 to Insects. He's also currently wearing a sword and shield, because I got that one shield from the Owl Bond adventure's Good path and the Sword of Kush, along with gloves, a cloak, a book, a Black Salamander and some random junk like the Marat Deck and a parrot feather. Oh, and of course a set of robes that are a nice shade of Vernin red, for the ultimate low-tech Sith look.


Trust me, as much as the professors like to reprimand their students for everything under the sun they are very lenient when it comes to dress code. At least for characters with a decent Conceal score.

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I started a new game recently and bumped into the Oliver Storey mechanical doll event..... Before getting a visit from Oan, on my firstday.


It's kind of crazy to get accused of skipping classes and kind of crazy stuff on your first day before you have even had your first class ;) Your first class in the day after you arrive, so my student won't even have had a chance to attend or skip his/her first class!


That's pretty unfair don't you think? :D


I know the events are random but that was a little bit over the top.


That's what I call a horrible start! First you pick that option where you get bullied on your way to school then as soon as you arrive, the faculty is on you with ridiculous accusations!


Btw! I still want to get my hands on those bullies from that background pick!

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It's probably possible to add conditions to event triggers to prevent that kind of stuff, but doing that for every encounter and every condition would take a ton of effort. So yeah, the random events in this game are just...all over the place. You can't even take a bath sometimes without a gorilla randomly walking in and stealing your clothes, who than makes way for a tiger forcing you to run for your life.


Like, seriously, who came up with that stuff? Who sat down and thought "You know what, we need a random event where a gorilla walks in the PC's bathroom, steals his clothes and makes way for a tiger."? I mean that happened with a PC in Morvidus, but come on.

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I'd question what kind of fanbase comes up with such outlandish ideas, but, eh, I get the idea I'm not really in a position to judge :blush:.


Also slight correction; I found the event in the mod tools (Awesome Community 55) and it's an orang-utan, not a gorilla. I now also regret not putting points into Animal Husbandry, because damn, that exit is awesome.

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Approaching final exams in my second run, but I think I've run out of steam.


My "big" suggestion from this run is the need for some sort of better feedback at the end of the year. Does it really matter whether I just skim through my exams or score 300s? Does it really matter if everyone loves me, or everyone hates me by yearend? Zero glory or 25+? There needs to be some type of accomplishment tracking and/or scoring system.


Otherwise you get to the end and after all that it's just... meh.

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How does Asmita or whatever her name was (the master chef of college vernin) find the time to be a chef for that pub/restaurant?
The owner fired Lagrasse and hired her. But how in the world could she possibly pull that off? Are there more cooks and personel that she oversees which covers up for her absence?

Maybe that could be a small followup adventure in year 2, it's probably too late for that in year 1, helping her with the planning and perhaps hire two sauce chefs, im thinking Lagrasse's two friends left with him.

1, put out a help wanted sign.

Journalism, put out the help wanted sign and write something for the news paper, you could sell the newspaper a food critic review, get a few pims and let it slip that the restaurant is hiering.
Win win, you get paid and you might get a better selection. The establishment might get a few extra customers aswell which would only help you keep the owner happy.

2, interview the applicants.
Characterstudy could help you screen some of the appliacts, or you could use your cooking skills to interrogate them, question them and figuring out their skills. Then pick out the most promising candidates.

Or you could let Asmita do it, but she might not be the best humanresources headhunter around.

3. Planning, planning the work assignments and workflow for the staff, current and new. Planning skill and cooking skill, or let asmita do it while you take notes.

4, the supplychain.
It's a new year, Lagrasse had setup the contracts and handpicked them last year. Now you need to secure good supplies for this year.

Follow Asmita to the market and let her pick the best suppliers. If you got a good green grocery skill, help her out. Then you could try and negotiate the prices if you got a good negotiate skill or let Asmita do it.
Seeing as a restaurant will need a good flow of ingredients you need to arrange for daily deliveries, managing this should help Asmita a lot. Transport skill or Logistics skill could work for this.

Then you need to agree on all the details...... if you got the law skills you could scribble down a contract that would ensure the restaurants delivery priority with the purveyors.

Then you visit the restaurant a few days later to see how it goes....
It would work similarly to the statue you had to fix from that, a terribly unfortunate or unfair ruling.

The amount of extra help you can provide Asmita would affect the end result.

If you fail to help her and she has to do everything on her own she would fail terribly and get replaced. But would still be welcome to visit and help out in the kitchen.

If you help her she might suceed to balance work and studies.

If your provided help is heroic and almost superhuman then the establishments owner will be there aswell, to thank you personaly. Possibly with some kind of reward.

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I don't know what you have planed in year 2 for the people with a Heritage Background but I think it would be interesting to have some Academy background that also require to have a specific Heritage.

I.e. a School that focus on Engineering skills and require the Heritage: Staadan. In the summer break of year 2 the former students of this school then can go there to learn more about Engineering.


Edit: Exploits: The City of Mineta shouldn't it give a point in Minetan Swagger instead of the Random skill?

Edit2: Exploits: Monteon Mercenaries "now rather famously on the wrong side of millions of gallons of seawater" Wait a second what's this thing with seawater? I thought there is no such thing for 1000nd of years at the flying islands! So I suggest to remove the complete line I quoted!

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Hopefully a certain herritage won't give you exclusivity to any skills, just a few bonus points. Possibly a minor training modifier because you grewup in a certain environment that gives you extra points of reference to drawupon.


Imo, it could affect the adventures you get with your family, perhaps add an extra adventure that teaches you something about what's important to a certain culture. The Minetans seems to value socialflare and plotting and the devious arts of manipulation, aswell as cooking. I can totaly see the Minetan families throwing a feast or a party or a ball or a combination, kind of like a Nobel feast. Depending on their social status I guess. The wealthy, well to do, and certainly nobility would do it. The less affluent might setup a family celebration.

For the nobility it sounds like some kind of necessity. I wonder what it would be like to setup one of those parties for up from destitution nobility, (I'm guessing they would attend other peoples parties and attempt their best to make a good impression despite their current monetary concerns(which they likely try to hide the best they can).


Helping your up from destitution noble family prepare for a social event could be a challenge! Sewingskills, Courtly Hairstyles or whatever it was called, courtly fashion.... Perhaps some Glamour to top it off(even if the glamours won't fool all) As an Academagia student you would look like pure currency to the other nobles(Oh, they paid for his/her tuition at the Academagia! Even if it might have been a schoolarship that paid for it and possibly some other kind of political favor your parrents might have done for the school.)


I need to create one of those up from destitution nobles! I didn't make that pick before!(If it's a possible pick) I used to make the noble students wealthy.

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