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Refresment of mind should be an instant action in year 2, It's described as happening in one breath.


So, if eating something or taking a potion can be an instant or fast action that won't requier a timeslot then Refreshment of mind from you familiar should be another of those if the engine allows it.


It could also work in a Quest I think, if you're getting exposed to a lot of stress and strain. If you're running fast and have been running for a while and you're exhaused then perhaps that could be used to draw strength from your familiar and endure. Assuming you got that ability... Again, if the engine will allow it. -5 stress and a sense of calm would certainly be a significant boost. Least that's my reasoning ;) It only works once a week thoguh, but it would be a useful fast action.

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Many Items, Spells and Abilities are 'instant' in Y2, as you will see. :)


This is huge - that'll make so many currently underpowered active effects useful. Combine that with a UI that makes it easier to select spells & phemes from the long end-year lists and I'll probably be doing about a hundred times as much actual magic in Y2. Plus, maybe I will even eat a caramel chew

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Hummm, I just had one of those surprises, I never noticed when Mr Marchant joined my Clique. It was quite a surprise when the clique window opend up and seemed to ask to to take side, Philipe or Catherine!


I've never understood that window too well but I'm guessing you got one side of conflict on one side and the other on the other side with a few neutrals in the middle that arn't taking a side.


I guess I must have been nice to Mr Marchant since he has started following me! I guess that's what it's like to be popular, they all try to tag along.

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Other students will use Befriend to form cliques, and random tables being what they are sometimes they'll try to Befriend you. One bug/annoyance is that when a student fails to Befriend you the History will rapport that. If a student succeeds, though, it doesn't rapport that student succeeded, it only rapports that you now have that student's Clique ability.

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Its no bug Metis instead if they befriend one of your clique members you don't see the failure at all and on a success you only see that you got the ability and they are in the clique now. The NPC befriend actions is one of the reason why I go for 3 clique members as soon as possible to make it more difficult for a other to join.

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Can we get ways to learn bad things about Professor and Regent to Blackmail them for some Favor in later years?

I caught a whole lot of professors sitting in the teachers launge discussing Gates magic, it was thurough enough to inform my students about all the 4 basic subskills of Gates. It seemed like a very illegal discussion, not to mention that people claim the knowledge itself is illegal.


It never specified who they were but there were clearly no less than 3, probably a lot more of them in there. Apparently, "afew of them" left after quite a lot of debating and discussion, and that was enough for you to get a chance to sneak out, apparently the room still wasn't empty.

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@Albert yes because you written that in a other thread I though we need this as suggestion for year 2 or 3 so evil player chars have ways to get to favour also.

Sounds interesting :) Though, personaly I wouldn't want to spend 5 years trying to blackmail professors ;) Least not if it could be helped ;)


Though, having some "ammo" on them could be useful if things go terribly wrong in the long run or they start giving you trouble for your gates or Mastery knowledge.


Student: Really?!? You got a problem with my Gates and Mastery problems? I've documented your own Mastery and Gates skills and exploits over the years! I even got plenty of material on your collegues, so back off or there we will all learn to regret it! If I go down, you go down!


Really, it isn't the type of ammunition you bring forth for minor things.

They might however have some lesser secrets that they might find embarasing, which you could use for lesser favors.


But getting that type of information will be hard, they even hide their familiar from you to make sure Students can't get to them through their more defenseless friends.


But it definately sounds interesting and devious! A challenge for a the master spies and scemers/plot masters.


The Familiar would then have to master Spyskills, social skills, all kinds of deception and bluffing.

The Gossip Parrent skill would likely be useful.


It wouldn't surprise me if the professors familiars sometimes worked as an extra pair of eyes keeping their eyes on things.

Getting informed on the identities of the familiars of prfessors could increase you chance of sucess at sneaky bussines since you would recognise that Crow as a familiar of one of the Professors that might rat on you.


Maybe if you trained your familiar to be a spy and a plotmaster just like you, then you would be able to task it to figure out which of the familiars belong to professors.


The Familiars might be less prepared for trickery from fellow familiars than a professor would be from a student.


It could pay off, but it might take a lot of work to pull it off.


"A Familiars and secrets" passive ability. It would be kind of like taking in where the surveilance cameras are in moderndays. Increasing you hances of sucess at sneaky bussineses by 5%.

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I'll admit, I am imagining someone engineering a Rube Goldberg-esc plot involving a Sageni, a Sync-learning PC and a small ton of "coincidences" to catch an "uncooperative" professor with knowing illegal magic. There is definitely potential to make that work, hell the PC him/herself can fall victim to an unintended version thereof, it'd just take a lot of preparations and a bit of luck, but getting away with it would be glorious.


I'll probably just stick with doing adventures for the professors and Weasel Words, but having the option of doing that would open up loads of fun possibilities.

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