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Given how long it takes to develop year 2 it might be a good idea for a later year to change the timeframe from daily X slots to weekly X slots,  maybe even doing 2 years together into one game. 

I also think it might be a good move to reduce the number of timeslots you have per year if we look at the full planed 5 years. If we look at year 1 on its own the length is good, some might even think it is to short! But if we add year 2 as well that supposed to have 34-50% more timeslot it suddenly becomes a very slow game to play if you really want to go from day 1 with a new student.

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Although for the game "Chinese Parents" the game Plus where you play the child of your previous Character is great (currently playing my 4th generation there) , I suspect for Academagia it is an unreasonable idea.

First of all Academagia will be split over probably 5 games what means year 5 need to make a export file that then can be load with year 1 what is for sure no easy thing.

Then is the question if in 20 year + we still can play year 1 on the device we then will play year 5.

Lastly there is probably the issue of the way to long play time to get one char from year 1 all the way to year 5 and then start the same thing over for the second generation.

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If you ever consider a paid DLC for year 1 I think adding 1 month or longer time pre Academagia time can be the way to go.

Depending on your background choice you either spend the time in one of the pre schools or in Mineta.

I think because of the pre school it could be a development for the summer school that is supposed to make it appearance in year 3.

Because your supposed to have no contact with your professor, the other student and such there quite some things that have to be locked in this pre Academagia phase and resulting from this it might be to much work.

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Actual there is the way that for Year 2 character the team add a background that give one or more interesting adventure related magic items at random.

Edit: But the Legate already told us that items are usually not necessary for adventure and event follow ups instead they might be helpful for them if I remember right.

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