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It might be just me but having to find new ways to enter a certain location like the imperial reserve every adventure again is a bad idea.
I think it would be good if there was a central adventure that give you a memory that in turn unlock the other adventures that need access to this location.
This adventure could alternative also automatic started when the current adventure needs to visit this location and the player did not unlock it so far. (The follow up will then probably need 2 memories, one from reaching the past adventure step and the other from unlock the location)

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I realized that from time to time I try to get to the calendar with the ESC key because I'm used to this from other games.

So my suggestion is to go to the calendar and close the other pages that prevent using the calendar via ESC
and when the calendar is already open, opening the menu with save, load, start page, exit etc. 

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I think it would be nice to have some spells added in Y2 pure out of RPG reason even if they actual have no ingame function, perhaps with a note "work only in adventures and events" but with also a default roll given that have no effect. Talking about things like clean your outfit via magic.
Also, the function to check if the player has a spell to open an exit and then the spell have its usual roll would be really helpful. This way you don't have to cross reference with what roll do the spell need to be working, also to prevent that the rolls are all over the place in events and adventures.

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In case BCS ever touch the engine of Y1 again:
A way to improve class performance is to give 2 instead of 1 SS per class skill improvement listed.
This way the top performer mostly only understands the difficult sub skills faster while the weak students get a most needed boost once the skills get past their attributes.
This idea natural need some simulation rounds with the NPC results without player influence for the real effect it has. 
IMHO the effect should be that the difficult classes like Dialectic, Arithmetic, Enchant and so on have more people reaching 100% and for the big rest of classes the average exam results should get higher.

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Some idea for a small RE in Y2 for a student with Test Taking < 2. Because I don't want to really write it I post it here for everyone to claim.

Today you have to write a small test in (Random class) and you finish the answers way ahead of everyone.
What are you planning to do now?

- Look toward the Professor for what to do.
 Requirement Relationship > 3

 Suddenly your page turn around on its own, no, maybe there is someone probably using magic! On the page on top now there more questions to answer that you didn't realize that where there.

- Look around the class room how the other Students are doing

 Roll on a perception / awareness skill that fit

 Success: Why are they turning around the test page? Wait a second you didn't check if there is a second page of tests and when you turn the page around there many more questions to answer! Good you didn't waste to much time looking around.

- Logic Is there maybe more to do?

- Relax Now is a good time to take a nap

Failure: You couldn't realy relax after you thought you where done. More important you messed up the test because you only turned around the page when you had to turn it in and then realized you filled less then 50% of the questions.  So you screwed up big times!

- Luck: Turn in your test early that you can leave class

Success : When you pick up your test you realize that the other side of the paper also have questions, so back to work.

- Do an Prank

- Bully an other student

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A other suggestion for an Re / Adventure that I don't plan to write my self.
On the way home the ship stopped at a port city when suddenly the city got locked down for some days because a Diplomat was murdered.

Background: Said diplomat offended the local ruler and the assassin is hidden by the ruler for the time the city is locked down plus 2-3 day more. The lockdown is actual to prevent that the people who accompanied the diplomat to leave the city to give out a warning that the local ruler preparing for war.

The player can try to find the assassin what most likely end with no result.

If the player have his / her own ship then they might be asked by someone if they could bring them to a port on their route.

A player from a high influential family can negotiating that they allowed to take sail before the lockdown ends.

On the last day of the lockdown a military fleet set sail in the direction the player want to go to start a war. For careful player it just means 1-2 day more delay because the fleet is slower then the ship with the player on board.

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Y2 random event suggestion: One of the PC's friends has been cursed by (insert either friend's enemy or generic bully here, whichever works better) to be unable to speak the letter E, and approaches the PC for help. General options like Negation/approach a professor exist, but one option is to stick it to the enemy/bully by convincing the friend to join the Academagia's theatre troupe for a quick stint and wow the crowd with their "impeccable" imitation of a (likely foreign?) pirate accent. After the play, backstage, the friend will tell the PC "I swar by the hav'ns abov I'll c'l'brat whn I stop talking lik' an un'ducat'd pirat!" :rolleyes:

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@Legate of Mineta: So, here is a suggestion for at least one of the later games' summer vacation periods. An adventure in which the player character and two or three friends (so perfect for the triplets if you want) decide to rent a cabin and spend some time camping in the wilderness. The complications could inclue persuading parents to let them do it, raising the money and arranging transportation, ands then what happens when at the cabin. I am thinking that nosy intruders (especially if the PC is nobel or has a reputation for being on the prowl) could be a problem, as could the PC's possible involvement in illegal magic - and perhaps a desire to reveal it to someone.

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@Legate of Mineta: Has any thought been given to having damage in duels (and perhaps events) be given subtypes which can be protected against by spells or artifacts? So, for example, the PC or a duelling opponent could have a fire-protection spell active for a turn or several which would, for example, completely negate all fire damage in the next attack received.

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Finding a parasitic live form that give some increase in one form of magic but let you age a bit faster could put the player into an interesting dilemma. A black market could be a good place to find such a live form.

Edit: Thinking about a bit more an black market shop that is specialized at selling modified live forms that need an human as host could be an very interesting shop to find.

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