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You know the Godina Elemental Warriors adventure?


...it really feels not so much-Godina'ish as Incantation-student'ish. Running through it again, there doesn't seem to be anything in it that really corresponds well and truly to Godina and only Godina... there's no influence from the Regent, no contact with your fellow students, no great Godina secrets. It's all about an outside organization and your adventures with them and Incantation. It feels like it would be better suited for an any collage (or anyone who takes Incantation, perhaps) adventure instead of a Godina-only one, if the writers could think of an adventure to replace it.

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What exactly does it mean when a message says 'You have added (location) to yourself' (rather then 'you have learned about (location)') in the end day summary? I have a feeling that it means you have visitation rights, but I'm honestly not sure.


If Oan could explain the definition of that wording during her lecture about the Great Gate and locations, or if the wording could simply be changed to describe what exactly is happening.



...also, everyone is suffering from Ennui. The very first day of school (in the end of day report after resting), my character was hit by Drowsy and Ennui, and Ennui pops up again whenever she rests (to disappear the next day, as she has the background that ups her stress minimum). Three clique members all have it, and it's the third week of school. I think maybe the prereqs for that could use a look: I don't think students should be Ennui'ing in the first month, and Drowsy actually notes in its description that it should only hit later in the year.

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That does bear a look. If you are pre Hionosi, there may be an issue with the Prerequisites.


If you don't mind, pm me a RapidShare link to your save, so that I can investigate. Thanks!


For the message, your intuition is correct- we have an action to change that, actually. We'll see when we can fit it in. :)

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The Restless Temple 07 Exit 1 is one of the vew places where even the most carfull gate user would use his power to escape (either the Gatestones or Gate Magic).

Because from the how deep your in the mountain/hill running up the stairs sounds a very risky plan to survive the cave in.

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The Exits 1 & 2 for Student Adventure Piccolet 5 has the word costumer instead of customer. Rather horrible if you think about it because the man sells cats. blink.gif


And I finally tried the Short Changed Adventure I have a few things to say.


1) Cheeky writer. laugh.gif


2) How about another adventure with a love interest for the PC?




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Leoshi, if you absolut whant one how about you write it your self? (This way no one can blame the team for adding it) :P

Edit: I think it would be good if the "Wardstone of the Tempel" get a Recipe because the player could have crafted it on its own in the quest.

Edit2: Isn't the start of Locked in the Library a bit strange that the player just pick a random book and then decid to keep it because of the strange laguage?

Maybe it bether that the 3 persons point the player to a book he should take with him so he can find the 3 parts of the other book. Or even bether if the book was split into 4 parts and you get the first part from them.

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>.> Would it be possible to make a spell (or skill) that would reduce the training times for our familiar?


Hide it behind Zoology 11 if necessary, but... well, trying to raise your Familiar's Skill when they have Attribute's of one (and there's no way of changing that after game start) is ridiculous. It would be nice to reduce their training time and at least have a chance of getting your familiar able to finish their adventure without having to rely solely on spell-raises.


(Why don't the other familiars have abilities the same way that Platypus has? I can see, for instance, the three versions of Fetch and such in the mod-tools, but completing the 'Dog and you try to find the father and end up in a lot of trouble before throwing your hands in the air and stomping off' certainly doesn't get you Fetch.)

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Schwarzbart & Legate:


Yes I realize that but how about just another adventure to break the PC's heart like that?laugh.gif


If not then nevermind.




Uh... to be honest, I thought the story was touching, but it also kind of force you to fall hopelessly in love and then assume you are a 0 Temperance nice student. Can we choose our reactions at the end besides "Cry and think the Professor is a jerk"?



High Relationship with Professor -> Extra Consueling

Temperance -> Shrug it off

Bully -> A single Joana-punch to send the lovers flying

Insane Temperance and Befriend -> Wish them well

Blackmail -> Extra Coupons, who need Dale/Yulia :wub:

Olivia Solari -> Was using Dale as practice dummy

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