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CremePudding, you missed a Mastery Exit. :)


:P Chances are, some might want to Master Dale/Yulia back into "love" (which sounds too desperate), while others might want to Master them so that the lovebirds start slapping each other (which sounds fun but you can do it on others).


Me? I'd prefer Mastering the Professor into giving me the Orb (which is probably just a glorified spherical music box). Or five-year-free-access to that restaurant (which completely miss the point of the adventure).

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It was touching after I played it a second time but I was in a different state of mind when I first played the adventure.




Are there anymore Professor based adventures on the way? It would be fun to become a friend instead of just another student to teacher relationship.

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How about give the organisations the player joined through Adventures some follow up adventures in year 1 already?

This way it dont look like you joined them and then they forgot about you been a Member.

I also hope that in year 2 clubs/secret orginisations/teams ect. actual demand that the player spends time for them.

I.e if the player join a gravityball or rimbal team he probably would have at last 1 training evening per week and then there would be tournaments.

Even if this means the player have to leave some of the organisations in year 2 because of time conflicts or because the player couldn't do anything else.

Also it would be good if the player can overwrite the time slot / choose what organistion meeting he join in the slot but there sould be some penalty for missing.

As RL example if you miss the training you soon will sit on the bank in tournaments or even will get kicked out of the club.

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I noticed that, when you ask for a favor to a professor, he/she often gives +n Skill Steps in something (where n=relationship with the prof). However, the almost totality of the skills does not need more than 3 SS to increase a skill level, and considering that one cannot raise a skill more than 1 point at a time, professors' favors often get wasted. Perhaps, above a certain favor value, the favor tables could contain more interesting options, as for example raising two or three skills in a combination of the favor value (e.g. if I have a favor of 7, two skills could get +2 SS and one +3, or similar), or discovering a location (perhaps connected with the prof?), or opening an adventure...


Regarding skill values, is there a planning to unlock something at level 12, for year 1? It is rare and difficult to arrive at 12, one should be at least rewarded! :D

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I don't know if we'll add more with the existing organizations in Year 1, but we've discussed it. :)


And yes...belonging to an organization has a time requirement in Year 2 that may be difficult to balance. Well, depending on your ambitions...;)




Great idea! Unfortunately, that's an engine limitation- but it is changing in Year 2. :)

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Yes and no: yes, there are some new Professor Adventures coming along, but no- you won't really be able to befriend them until (at the earliest) Year 2. :)


Year 2: Ensure a year long supply of Pumpkin Pies

Year 3: Ensure a daily supply of Pumpkin Pies

Year 4: Ensure a daily supply of differently flavored Pumpkin Pies

Year 5: Being sued for indirectly murdering an instructor via encouraging bad eating habits (With Polisena Briardi as your lawyer)

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Could the Day of the Conflux (one of the Avila adventures for gals) be increased so that you just have to have a relationship of lower then one, or even just lower then zero, with Cosetta rather then -1?


It seems almost every Avila character I start ends up with a bit of relationship with Cosetta, meaning that bullying her thrice (as a starting relationship of 2 isn't uncommon) so I can start the adventure then quickly spamming befriend on her once it's started to get her back to niceness is a common step for me, and it seems a bit, well, silly. You're competing throughout the adventure before you Learn To Get Along and all that, but it doesn't really seem like you would have to absolutely hate each other to get it started.

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Oh oh oh!!!


More events featuring Malacresta, I've been his friend in a few play throughs, and I hardly know him. Sadly his adventure doesn't give the best insight into his character, so a few random events or such would be swell. I only recall one event with Malacresta besides that, and, besides showing him as an astrology nerd, it really doesn't show him from a good angle.


There are likely quite a few of these semi-hidden character who should be showered with love, but my love of the night sky compelled me to mention this. ;)

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