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This (almost certainly) means that those of you that have used Content Patch 1 will need to uninstall, then reinstall, Academagia once Patch 3 is available.

Does it mean the proper order will be something like, uninstall the game, install it again, install patch 3, then install CP1 ... or something different?

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Okay, the mod now worked for me...however, I've saved a new game past content patch 1, and now I'm getting system errors each time I try to load this game...although I'm already running the game as administrator :)


One other question - when I uninstall Academagia, will my save games be gone?

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The reason you are seeing errors is due to the doubling of content. This should be corrected in Patch 3, although I cannot completely guarantee that saves created in CP1 will be immediately usable.


Your saves should persist when you uninstall (they are never deleted on our test machines.) To be absolutely sure you can move them or copy them, but I doubt you have anything to be concerned about.

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How about adding a proper ending?


While I know you guys plan to continue the year, alot of folks won't buy the second year. (and new people will it really doesn't matter, but that is always the case. Perhaps a lack of money or anything.)


So could you please make a proper ending for the year? Like a congratulations or something with the things you achieved. The sum of your scores or a grade from a-f, anything to make it seem like you actually did something.


The way it ends now is rather anti climactic. You spend hours on the game and all you get is about 5 questions, that "probably" prepare you for a game that might not come out within the next 1,5 year.


I mean the way I see it for 25 euro you could at least make it compatible for a stand alone game. What about the people who only buy this game and miss the second year due to whatever causes?


Ya know what I mean?

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If you downloaded Content Patch 1 standalone when it was available, your game's database holds multiple copies of modded entries incorrectly. You should uninstall Academagia and reinstall it to insure that your database is entirely correct (after uninstalling, remove the Mods directory manually, then do the reinstall). You should then install this Patch.


Your save games should be entirely compatible.




Consolidated Patch 3 and Content Patch 1 has been released, and can be found here:


Instructions: Copy all files and place into your Academagia install folder (same folder as Academagia.exe). For example: C:\Program Files\Academagia\Mods\Content.mdm (Please overwrite all files)

Important: You must begin a new game in order to make use of the Content Patch. When you begin a new game, simply check 'Content Package' under mods, and proceed.


Before you Install: Patch 3 does not require you to create a new game, but if you wish to have certain fixes, you will need to create a new one. This Patch is cumulative with all previous Patches.


This Patch adds this content:


1) New Exits to introduce Pamela, the Invisible Friend.

2) All Locations in the game were revised to raise visibility on Location Abilities. Almost all Location Abilities which offer Expansions to statistics are made Active. All Location Abilities which offer inspirational Increases remained Passive.

3) Books are now Typed correctly. One may be 'Equipped' as a source of reference and study.

4) The Academagia Block Puzzle is now 10,000% less Glorious

5) The Safaviore School is now attendable, if you have the appropriate Background

6) Spells now display all Rolls and Effects in the Description

7) Befriend is now immediately available to the Player

8) New Background Options are available

9) Locations now appear before Lores on the Lore Tab.

10) The Shop Action cannot be confirmed unless you know about a Shop.

11) Use of the left/right arrow keys now decreases/increases font size, respectively, in addition to the Numpad -/+

12) Action selection now allows you to roll over the Descriptions of all Actions, Abilities, Items, Spells and Phemes, without having to click.

13) Color coding in the higher tier Difficulties is now: Red -> Purple. Orange has been removed.

14) Dynamic increase/decrease of font size was extended to the text boxes in the right hand menu.

15) Pressing F12 will show you game version as well as current Story. Please use this feature when reporting Story related typos and bugs.

16) All Detention Feedback is now shown.


...updates these:


1) Extrapolation of Evidence

2) Trial and Error

3) Class Skills now display Instructor and Date of all Exams

4) Accept Commission

5) Reverse Engineering is now more useful

6) Zoology Skill Perks reviewed

7) Play Action now correctly refers to the Familiar

8) Go Outside the Fences now correctly refers to the Familiar

9) Entertain now correctly refers to the Familiar

10) Looks over Substance is no longer juxtaposed (Substance over Looks, indeed!)

11) The Vihuelan Lyre now is much less likely to be a source of Reprimands

12) All Bully Skills are now Informed in the Schoolyard Education Skill.

13) Revision Classroom now has the correct Ability

14) Pure Luck now has a more sensible dominant Attribute

15) Practice Math Description

16) Unicorn Tears may now be Equipped

17) Study Mastery: Botany Description

18) Study Mastery: Athletics

19) Explore Action now has the correct Roll

20) Updated Run Abilities to improve chance of Fitness Expansion

21) Study Mastery: Arithmetic

22) Romance is now Trainable

23) Memorization Skill Perks

24) The Ability 'Elegant Service' now takes place in the Great Hall

25) Merit Review for Information

26) Limning reworked

27) Tutoring Services reworked

28) Scratch reworked

29) Enjoy Silphium is more enjoyable

30) Tour the Tapestry Room now has Effects!

31) Pet Therapy now correctly reduces Stress

32) Practice Run's second Effect should not work as intended

33) Lucky Sprite's Coin may now be Equipped

34) Cheryl Aemegus has decided to sell Items

35) The Four Phases Bookstore is much harder to steal from

36) Rabbit Kick reworked

37) Animal Analogy now works correctly

38) Teach Language now works correctly

39) Professor's Lounge is now Informed correctly

40) Emperor Sphinx is now Informed correctly

41) Some users unable to move Items into their Knapsack can now do so.

42) The Glory Contribution to Rolls is temporarily capped.

43) A rare crash related to Adventures has been prevented.

44) If you are Suspended, you will now know it.

45) A crash related to Ability: Tutoring Services has been prevented.

46) Training Modifier now work correctly.

47) Regional Inform Effects now work correctly.

48) Substitution now works correctly with Choice.

49) A typo in the first screen of Character Creation was corrected.

50) A duplication issue with mods was corrected.

51) Random Skills will now select only Sub-Skills (except Bond Skills) correctly.


...and corrects many misspellings.


Special thanks to the following Academagians who originally suggested or raised awareness of these:



Advanced Class






Emperor Norton I







Jeff Wang















Reiji Kido








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I understand what you mean, and we may institute a report there- we're discussing it.


In truth, though, this game won't have a real ending until Year 5. :)



Hmm while I understand that and I would be grateful if you could do it, I can imagine people feeling ripped off. You brought it out as a stand alone game with no reference to the fact that to end the game they would have to wait another 6 years and paid another 80 dollar.


Anyway I really don't care much about that, but I would be happy to an ending to the first year. So let us know how that turns out. --__--

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Wow, you guys are fast! I applaud your customer service.


One thing though:



"9) Locations now appear before Lores on the Lore Tab."


This doesn't appear to be the case in my game. I checked the content mod, if that helps.



Started up a new game, no content mod: same thing.

Reinstall patch: same thing.

Reinstall game, reinstall patch: same thing.


Does it work for anyone?

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Ok, got my Locations over Lore thing to work.


What I did was reinstall the game, then reinstall patch 2 and it's hotfix, then install the Consolidated Patch 3 over it.


Are you sure this is fully cumulative? Or have I misunderstood what cumulative means?


Edit: Aha, I think I found the problem: I didn't make a clean enough uninstall the first time. I reinstalled to a different directory and installed only the Consolidated patch and it works perfectly. Ignore the method above the edit, it gives you duplication errors.

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Following up on Woe's experience, a note for those uninstalling because they had Content Patch 1 installed: The uninstaller seems to leave that in place (the "Mods" folder remains after the uninstall), or at least my Impulse version did. Reinstalling to the same location would leave that mod in place and confuse the game. The solution: After uninstalling, remove the Mods directory manually, then do the reinstall.

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