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Just a small Collection off Bugs, which will hopefully be erased soon :lol:



=> At the event with the "Rock Dog", there is a missing a space (~ you should see it after smallish). Moreover if you click at the "Rock Dog", you don't get any information about him at the right window. Guess wrong linked...


Edit: I altered the title, Hawkey, as I would like bugs to be tracked separately in this forum.

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In the manual, in the Actions section and in the third paragraph under Adventure, it says that "sacrificing let's you pass an exit for free...."


There should be no apostrophe in let's. Let's means let us, so let's is incorrect in this sentence.


I was a proofreader in a former life, so mistakes like this jump out at me. :lol:


I'm thinking of purchasing the game; if I decide to do so, and you are interested in correcting things of this nature, I would be more than happy to post any errors that I find.

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Oh, and one more error for now--while I have no way of knowing whether or not this kind of error occurs within the game or not, being as I haven't purchased it as yet--I will point out that on your web page under Admissions, there is this:


"It's foundations lie in the golden hours of the Empire's infancy...."


It's, however, is a contraction for "it is." Thus, the sentence should read:


"Its foundations lie in the golden hours of the Empire's infancy...."


This confusion between when to use "it's" versus "its" is a common problem everywhere I look now. The determination as to which is correct is so simple--if you use "it's" in the sentence, and the sentence also makes sense if you say "it is," then the apostrophe belongs there; if not, then this is incorrect and it should be "its."

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You folks are great. :) I hesitated to post what I did for fear that it would sound like negativity/nitpicking, and that wasn't my intention at all. I was inspired to comment on such things because you are obviously interested in making the game as polished and as good as it can be.


So much of the spelling and grammar that I see now in games is nothing short of appalling; indeed, it would be easy to conclude that nobody cares anymore and doesn't consider this to be an important part of the final product. I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm. :)

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Yes - thanks to Hawkey for starting this thread!


Marian, I just fixed the typo on the Admissions page - the manual I also fixed but haven't uploaded quite yet - since I suspect there might be more changes to that.


I think we are definitely a group of perfectionists (and have learned a lot from working on/launching Academagia). As a minor contributor, I only wish I had more time to help (I blame it on the busy day job, working for "the man"). :)

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Here's the list of things I've found so far (I'm typing them into Notepad as I play th game, so I've tried to give a little context. Hopefully most of them will be clear.)



*Syntax SP1: "This was his 'change' to create a lengend" should be 'chance'.

*Theory of Negation SL II: "'Them', for reasons unexplained" should be 'Then'.

*Remembrance Pheme: "Those who can remember useful bits of fact are far more likely" just cuts off there, without ending.

*Aura of Mystery: "Those who 'hand' out with Leopold..." Should be 'hang'?

*In the Fourth Year girl fainting Random Event, if you catch her: It's a reflex, 'that' how good..." should be' that's'.

*Leopold the Loner: "more than a little curious to learn 'Him's' story" should be 'His'.


I've found several duplicated lore-type things (don't know if this is intentional or not), listed here:

*On Music, by Rieuelle Chastellan, On Music, by Rieuelle Chastellan*

*Weaponsmith SP 1 and From a Diary of Bladesmith

*Professor Blan e'Dreilan Lecturing on Llewlynn and Professor Gammel Lecturing on a Famous Magician

*A Conversation Among Older Students, and Overheard Conversation Among Elementary Students

*Learning to Be Still, A Rhyme, and Learning to Be Still


And two weird little oddballs:

*When sneaking into the kitchens, Avgust shows an N/A rather than a He/Him in text.

*In the homework forgotten before Rimbal game Random Event, Iustus Venture is never mentioned by name, there's just a 'He' without an antecedent (easy enough to figure out by clicking the link, but a little jarring when you read it).


I kinda wish some of these were a bit more specific, I was just dashing them off as I went because I wanted to get in and play more. I'll report more as I find them.

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A few more typos and/or possible omissions/other errors:


Within character creation, "Familiar Training: Helpful Spy" and "Familiar Training: Battle Angel" both cost 2 points, but do not say that they do. Another 2 point trait a page before does warn of its higher cost, so this is a possible typo/omission.



The lore for "Academagia: Block Puzzle" contains the sentence "Unlike Celsus' Maze, the Block Puzzle has been solve may times;" - 'may' should be 'many'.



The lore for "Academagia: Dining Hall" contains the sentence "Visitors to the Dining Hall will an increase" - missing word 'see' between the words 'will an'.



The lore for "Academagia: Fields of the Academagia" contains the sentence "A survey of the Fields of the Academagia I will Expand" - The word 'I' appears to be extraneous, though maybe as I get deeper into the game there will be Fields of the Academagia II and III to make that make sense?



The lore for "Ballos: News Stand" contains the sentence "Will it be disaster, gossip, or if Old Gods Willing, all three?" - the 'third' possibility seems to be missing.



The lore for "Character's room" appears to be almost completely a blank entry. We are introduced to the candy-scented room at the very start of play, and even being told something like, "There's no true advantage to staying in your room, though it may be less dangerous (and more boring) than other places you can go." might make it seem more like the other detailed and content-filled entries.



The lore for "Compost Pile" says that visiting gives "enough Compost to make 1 bag of Fertilizer each time they visit.", but if you follow the ability link of "Compost Pile" you see that "visitors to the Compost Pile will come away with 2 bags of Compost..." This may not be a typo, as 2 Compost may equal 1 Fertilizer, but it made me want to test and see if I did indeed get compost if I visited the Pile. Hilariously, while trying to Train Study Skills at the Compost Pile I ran into an encounter that began, "You feel someone tap your shoulder and turn around to find one of the Groundskeepers peering at you - not Tangleroot or Dirt Princess or Three-Splinter Ned. Someone you don't know." Absolutely hilarious, the feel that my having gone to the Compost Pile meaning that I know the groundskeepers that well... especially as it's this character's first day on campus! This encounter provided a perfect distraction, and I entirely forgot that I meant to check to see how many bags of fertilizer or compost I received for almost half an hour. However, I didn't appear to get any, despite the offer in the lore. I returned to the 'Compost Pile' to check on the 'Exchange' option that opens up the item list. Sure enough, there are two bags of compost under 'Items in this place' However, when I try to move them into my Knapsack, my knapsack turns solid green and my cursor becomes a No ____ symbol, preventing me from taking the compost (to my character's supposed relief).



The student profile for Magsa Nembo, under the Description, contains two line break errors, one between the words 'bit' and 'of', and one between 'with' and 'brute'.



The lore for "Tertoliod's Observatory: Graffiti Room" contains the sentence "If you find the Graffiti Room at Tertoliod's Observatory, you will will receive an Increase..." - the word 'will' is duplicated twice.



The lore for "Poor Habits of Vorsha" contains the sentence "However, he poor study habits coupled with her short attention span doomed most..." - the word 'he' should be 'her'. (However, this sentence is within a printed text, and the in-game text perhaps is supposed to have this typo - there's nothing to say that the texts shown to our characters must be without error)



The lore for "Doubling of the Cube" contains the sentence "The Altar, however, was a cube and when Rafael doubled it- he no longer had a cubem but a rectangle!" - there are two errors here. 'it-' should be 'it' or, possibly, 'it - '. 'cubem' should be 'cube'. (However, this sentence is within a printed text, and the in-game text perhaps is supposed to have this typo - there's nothing to say that the texts shown to our characters must be without error)



edited to add a few more typos to the list.

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Like emerssso, I'm keeping notes as I play :) A few more typos/other weird things -



The skills "Seeds", "Mimicry", "Merilien", "Hunting", "Scent Detection", and "Pure Luck" all lack any descriptive explanation.


The event where your familiar becomes sick (Is there a good way for us to identify events for you? With over 800 events and each having multiple paths, this has got to be a challenge for you to single out without some identifier...) with the choice of healing your familiar through Revision, when I failed the text included the sentence, "By the time you track down (?), convince him to come with you, and hurry him back to your friend's side..." - the '(?)' appears to be a link, but does link to anyone. The two words 'him' are not links, but usually would be. Additionally, my familiar is currently the ghost Pamela. I suppose ghosts can get sick, and even urgently need a sort of healing, but it still seemed very strange with this familiar.


The lore for "The Venalicium Library: Linguistic Section" contains the sentence "Here can be found books in ever language..." - 'ever' should be 'every'.


The information for the ability "Facile Tongue" contains the sentence "... spokesman tried to say the word outstanding" but it ended up sounding..." - the word 'outstanding"' needs the first " mark, it only has the last.


Also within "Facile Tongue", the end of the information concludes as "and failed...or succeeded, depending o" - the sentence is incomplete.


Upon gaining level 2 in "Memorization" I gained "Reminder Sheet", a completely blank link. It doesn't appear to be lore, spell, skill, item, place, or pheme. Did someone 'forget' about the Reminder Sheet, is this an intended Easter Egg? I'm guessing this has some sort of affect on the exams?


Upon gaining level 7 in "Memorization" I gained "Cheat Sheet", a completely blank link. It doesn't appear to be lore, spell, skill, item, place, or pheme either.


Upon gaining level 8 in "Memorization" the game told me "You have added 1 Bonus to Journalism.", with journalism being a link. When I follow this link the game tells me, atop the information for Journalism, that I have not learned about this skill yet - so gaining this did not trigger the skill being unlocked (assuming that was intended as a trigger).


The lore for the in-game text, "News Gods, New Communications" contains several typos. Possibly intended, as it is in-game writing. The title, "News Gods", from reading the text should be "New gods". "...communications with the Old Gods is well known... - 'is' should be 'are'. "...having portook through..." - 'portook' should be 'partook'.


The skill 'Elegant Service' can be performed at any known location. This seems like an error to me as I try to imagine my character acting as a page (presumably after sending out invitations so everyone knows where to come?) to three professors on the Compost Heap, in a place where she doesn't have permission to be, or in her beloved but distant and grubby Vegetable Market.


Merit Prize III claims to give information on the Caramel Chews item, however what it actually appears to do is add a useable Ability, Merit Prize III, which you have to perform in order to actually get the information. If you do this task, you gain a link to follow to a blank page for Caramel Chews. Not very meritorious!


The event where you step on a full potion bottle, if you select the choice where you look around to see if you can find the owner and succeed, the text gives two links to a 'her', but not the name Neta Xemutre.

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Well, I just finished my first playthrough, and I thought I'd throw up another list of typos and problems. Here's what I've got:


*Wedding Day Reception: Person you talk to switches without warning from Noemia to Tabin when Listen option is taken.

*Golden Flower Event: "stroll through one of the school's secluded grottos and soak up some the natural..." Should be some of.

*Captain of Mineta Adventures: The character Ilario Daci is sometimes Daci and sometimes Dati.

*Captain of Mineta Adventures: Pretty much all italics everywhere seem to be missing a space after them, causing them to run into the word next to them.

*Startling Observations: "Not a moment after you offer Mollers your serrvices..." should be services.

*Giant Dandilion event: "She waves His hand and dispels the charm with a word." Professor Knoht's second pronoun there is the wrong gender because it's pointing to Cante Cavit instead of her.

*Quiple Prank Event: "She thanks you for your warning and walts the down the other hallway--" delete that the.

*Enchanted Fox and Rabbit Event, Enchant option: "you remain calm and beging to quickly carve your fox and re-do the enchantment" should be begin.

*Sick Professor Event: Prof changes from de Canapiedra to Sido without warning, on the first page it's one professor you are talking two, but on the second page, it's another. Very confusing.

*Painted Lock on a Door Event, Negation Spells Choice: There's a note that says (NEED TO ADD ITEM jade necklace) I actually got the item in question, so I guess this note just needs removing.


*On Iasos, Professor Viada's description is in line with the text where his name should be. What I meant by that is that instead of having a link to his biography with his name , his biography appeared as well, something like "Professor The professor is a grumbling old guy who really likes history... etc. notices that his name has been replaced with his life history." I actually noticed this one other time in the game, but I forgot to write it down, and can't remember when now.


Famous Prose SP VII is empty.

Reminder Sheet is empty.


Oleapia's Orange Grove not giving an Ability to visit, even though it says this is possible in the description. I'm pretty sure that this has been brought up before, but I wanted to mention it again.



*The Glamour Guide, by Flayley Mirrorstock*, and The Glamour Guide, by Flayley Mirrorstock

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A slew more typos -


Spacing error in a comment on a day's history, "You have learned about Deduction ." - 'Deduction .' should be 'Deduction.'


The event where class is cancelled, a teacher is sick with Mavin's Mumps, if you succeed in gossiping you find out the sick teacher is Lisle Aventyrare and gain the chance to brew a remedy. If you succeed in the remedy, you bring it to the sick teacher Regnault Parhait, with no explanation as to why the teacher changed or that there were actually two sick teachers (Mavin's Mumps is mentioned as non-contagious, when you gossip).


The event where you are in the woods and notice a strange mushroom under a log as you sit down, the log is typod as 'long' on the second page of the opening of the event (before you've made any choices).


The event where you hear strange sounds from the common room, and fear you may be kidnapped, but it's just a party - if you enter the room with confidence, the text has a spacing error. "...talking and laughing.Then you remeber..." Needs two spaces between 'laughing' and 'Then'.


When I increased my Zoological Study to 6, I learned about "Bird Food", but there is no content to Bird Food's link and Bird Food isn't listed under Lores, Phemes, or anywhere else I could think to look.


A pair of duplicate Lores, one with an incomplete name "Students of Professor Blan e'Deilan Discussing" and "Students of Gammel Discussing His Arithmetic Magic"


Merit Prize X has a spacing error in the Description - "...Location ofThe Champion's..." should be 'of The'


Possible typo in this Lore's title - "He, From the Grand Wizard Army". Maybe He is supposed to be a name?


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Theory of Arithmetic SP III" and "A History of Numbers".


Leopold Rassent's Clique Ability, "Aura of Mystery" contains the sentence "Those who hand out with..." - 'hand' should be 'hang'.


The event where you are bowled over by a clown peacock that wants to find food, if you pick the Strategy choice of heading the bird off, you see the sentence "You see in the tiny creatures eyes..." - 'creatures' should be 'creature's'.


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Epic Poem About War by Charles Wortnoten" and "Heart of the Dragon Slayer".


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Properties of Arithmetic SP V" and "Lecture on the Importance of Arithmetic Properties".


In the event where Amanda Kiefer and you are together in a class, where you are trying to get the border of a pattern correct, if you use Dedication to follow Amanda's advice, in two spots within that text you see her description instead of just her name or 'her'. The very last sentence shows you "thank Her for his help."


Most, if not all of the events that include He/She or Him/Her as links to a person, almost all of these words are capitalized, even if they are in the middle of a sentence.


In the event where Corradin challenges you to a duel, if you use Revision successfully to turn him purple, the sentence "...the fact that didn't give you..." - there's a word, probably 'he', missing between 'that didn't'. Additionally, the next sentence begins with "snaps something not to be repeated..." - it appears to be missing the word 'He' at the beginning.


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Properties of Arithmetic SP VII" and "Questions from Professor Gammel's Arithmetic Final".


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Properties of Arithmetic SP VII" and "Most Special Occasions".


Possible typo in the Lore, "Traps SP IV". "I point and laugh and tease at the capture enemy." - 'capture' should be 'captured', unless this in-game text is intended to have that typo.


Possible typo in the Lore, "Tales of Tricky Trickers and Sneaky Sneaks III", the next to last sentence includes "...and such for my decent ion through the cave..." - 'ion' should be 'in' or maybe 'on' - but could be an intended in-game text typo.


The Lore "Music Theory IV" is blank.


In the event to celebrate the Wedding day, if you choose to Infiltrate the party and succeed, the sentence "Vrenelle is true to Her's word..." - 'Her's' should be 'her'.


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Overheard Conversation Among Professors" and "A Conversation Among Professors".

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About halfway through my second playthrough, and I thought it was time for another big list.


*Familiar: The Chameleon Longs for New Tricks, Mimicry Option, Failure: "You'll have to come back and try again when you're a little more skilled at mimiccry and a little less conspicuous." Fix mimiccry.

*Math Problem Event, Arithmetic Choice, Failure: Switches from Catherine Chard to Amada Kiffer.

*Esteban Contu's School of Incantation: "...- no one will even you the chance..."insert give.

*Merit Prize XIIII should be XIV, and XVIIII should be XIX

*There are two different Merit Prize XIIIs, one should be Merit Prize XXII, I think.

*Ember Fox Event: On a successful use of Incantation, it says you pick an ember fox ember (or something), but you don't actually recieve the item.



*Forge: A guidebook for the Novice-The Hearth*, and A guidebook for the Novice-The Hearth

*Basic Arithmetic Identities for Novice Magicians*, and Basic Arithmetic Identities for Novice Magicians

*Weaponsmith SP V, and Song of a Weaponsmith

*Theory of Arithmetic SP VII, and How to Make Friends with Numbers


The Zoe Melis Adventure line is riddled with 'bad actors' and odd-ball links. It pretty much just needs to be gone over thoroughly. Zoe is referred to by her description, clique, etc. Other characters are referred to by the wrong information as well (Prof. Badcrumble comes to mind). Further, some of the pronouns are wrong, Her for She, etc. Other than that, I thought it was actually one of the more entertaining Student Adventure series I've done so far. The line starts with the Adventure 'Pliable Zoe?'.

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A few more to offer -


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Poet Silvia e'Dreilan on the Art of Arithmetic" and "Soloman the Poet on the Art of Arithmetic"


The event about the prank played on you at the Sententae Ball (where you are refered to as a dream wizard), if you succeed at looking around to see who might have done it, one character is named as being missing. But if you succeed at looking for the culpret, a different character is named as the missing one.


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Theory of Arithmetic SP VII" and "How to Make Friends with Numbers"


The Adventure where you and your Mentor first start to search the warehouse, one of your choices is using your familiar to help search. If you take that choice, and succeed, you see "...so you call (familiar) to you..." - '(familar)' probably was intended to be a link.


Further along that same Adventure path, though at a later stage, when you are searching the imperial grove for clues, the option to "Climb. The Kindly Elm might be a good place to start." never goes away, but remains in an endless loop if you choose to keep selecting it.


Further along that same Adventure path, though at a later stage, when you are trying to deal with the praying mantises, if you observe them then try to make a large noise with thunder, there is no text or options to follow that choice, simply the continue button. Selecting that appears to take you out of the adventure. You have to deal with your shadow rising up and distracting you from casting your spell, with a background picture that suggests you are in a very different area, but after resolving your shadow-issue, you return to the adventure as if it had not been interrupted. Seems jolty and out of step, but may be intended.


The event where you find a basket of candy lying on a bench has two spacing errors on the first page. "candy.You' and "candy.Then"


The initial familiar adventures seem to begin with a choice that 'doesn't make sense' - it's the name of the adventure. This is true for at least Pamela's and the toad's adventures. "Do you - A Weary Phantom" doesn't really match the pattern of most of the rest of the choices the game gives us.


Further on within Pamela's adventure, the ghost tells me I'll be mean to it. I have several choices, including, oddly, "what should I do", and "Schoolyard Education. Encourage the spirit to do the work". That one seems really odd, as there's no 'work' being talked about above. I selected "What should I do", and the text there seemed unrelated to Pamela. When I selected the Schoolyard Education, my character forced Pamela to try to carry bags, again odd, as there hadn't been bags to carry mentioned before.


A pair of duplicate Lores, "Learning to be Still*" and "Learning to be Still, A Rhyme".

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In the event with the painted lock on the door and a treasure chest behind it, if you choose negation to open the door and succeed you see at the very end of the victory text the following: (NEED TO ADD ITEM jade necklace)


Checking my report after the event I do actually end up with the necklace.

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Dimmae Theater: Stage mentions the Theater Subskill. The Art's subskill-list shows the Theatre skill.

Not being a native speaker I'm not sure which one is the correct one. ;)


Actually, both "theater" and "theatre" are correct, although uniformity in this instance would be preferable. "Theater" is the way the word is generally spelled in the United States, while "theatre" is the British way of spelling the word. :)


I have a few typos to add, all of which occur during character creation.


In the opening screen of Academagia, we have a sentence that says:


".......they are made up the most brilliant and best connected...."


This should read:


".....they are made up of the most brilliant and best connected...."



In the "early years of childhood" screen, in the description of Aptitude: Scholarship, it says intellectural curiosity. This should be corrected to intellectual curiosity.



In the "What have you picked?" screen, in the description of Inheritance: A Spy's Stealth, receive is misspelled as "recieve." I believe I saw this in a few other places in the descriptions as well, although I did see the word correctly spelled in some of the screens as well.


Also, in the opening screens (and I will have to go back now to find the specific location (I believe it was in a selection of class description) trigonometry is misspelled as trigonmetry.

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