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The list of new typos I'm running into each day keeps getting shorter - I'll need to playtest different areas of the game soon or I won't be able to find any more!


A pair of duplicate Lores, "From a Diary of a Bladesmith" and "Weaponsmith SP I"


In the event where your cloak balloons into birdlike wings against your will during a dare, there are three spacing errors on the first page of the event. "ChordaPeakon" and "Mt.Vuinna".


In the event where a storm blows a cask through the window next to you, if you succeed in the research option there's a typo - "it has fallen from a merhant ship" - 'merhant' should be 'merchant'.


In the event where Raoul is sneezing, coughing, and turning green, if you use Biology to try and figure out what is wrong, the aflicted student in that page of text is Vincent.


In the event where you notice a magical trap trigger under your desk, set to go off next period, if you lie to Professor Pachait to find out who sat there before and after you, Professer Knoht is suddenly the teacher you are interacting with.


When you gain 'You have learned about Epic:Kensab the Ilician', the information is blank.


In the event where you encounter a clayer owl, if you noose it and gain a feather, your history shows 'You have learned about Clayer Owl Feather', as well as showing that you've gained one in your inventory. The information shown is blank though.


Learning about 'Fading Ink, Blotter' is also a blank information page.


Learning about 'Violin' is also a blank information page.

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I played the game for quite a while today and only found one additional typo, wherein metaphorical was misspelled as metphorical. Unfortunately, now I don't remember where it was. So, this post is essentially worthless save to say that considering the vast amount of text there is in the game, I was pleased and impressed that I only found the one typo while playing today. I can't imagine the amount of work that was involved in putting this game together. :)

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Yep, fewer and fewer to report each time I play ;)



The event where your neck ruff begins to strangle you, if you fail the Society action, there is a spacing error. "...He doesn't notice you flailing arounduntil you faint." - 'arounduntil' should be 'around until'.


The event where a student picks up a stone and turns to stone, if you fail the calligraphy action, the sentence "...they tel you as they run off..." - 'tel should be 'tell'.


The event where you notice a nail in the floor of Movidus common room, before you make any choices, a word omission, "...just a ray of light hitting the head of nail..." - should be 'the head of a nail'. And a spacing error, "Sheloves snakes." - 'Sheloves' should be 'She loves'.

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Man, you reply fast. I didn't even get the chance to add my newest discovery.


In the biography for Zoe Melis, there's a very strange line about halfway through. It reads, "Recently, though, Cordelia has been lamenting her lack of money." Shouldn't this be referring to Zoe, not Cordelia? There's no mention of another student anywhere else in her bio.


Also, more languages duplicate lore entries:


"Translation of a Merilian Poem for Children" and "Oncestrian Translation of a Merilian Child's Poem"

"Lecture on Elumian Language Structure" and "Lecture on Elumian Language Structure*"

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Hi found Merit Prize XVIIII, it should be Merit Prize XIX instead.

There is never 3 of the same letter in a row in roman numerals.


Possible other suspects are

IIII should be IV

9 should be IX

14 = XIV

24 = XXIV

29 = XXIX


Ok back to playing

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Typos or sorta-typos . . .


There's an event where you help sort some animated Artifice books, and get one as a prize. The un-identified version is totally blank.


Secure an Apprenticeship with Brisbane - in the description of the results are cut off with an etc., and after having accomplished it, all I see is something about Memory, etc. Looks like an un-filled placeholder.


Isasos Holiday text - I changed places with professor He, who was soon revealed to be the History professor. Not He of the Grand Wizardly Army, sadly.


The Merchant's Seal that one gains from the Vernin adventure has no description. It's also un-identified, which seems odd.

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The Book and The Pedestal: Successful Take a moment... action: "the great Verni chest in the Common Room and the heavy, leather-bound tomb" Verni should be Vernin, tomb should be tome. This occurs throughout the Vernin questline. Was the name changed at some point?


Eilana's Escape - Clampdown: bad actors.

Eilana's Escape - A new home: Persuasion option: "really believes in the necessity of places like this" add Eilana to beginning. "When teh weather improves," should be the. "...and the Academagica is much improved my their presence-" should be Academagia; by.


Giant Anteater Event, Brute Strength Fail: "Your screams for help get heard, and His comes to your rescue." It would be nice to have the person's name instead of a (wrong) pronoun.


Deristos' Zeal: "I must admit that I as something of a bully..." should be was.


Wrestle: "and it tends to catch the more jaundices spell-throwers by surprise." Should be jaundiced.


Advancement of Women Event: "while ProfessorBadcumble excitedly announces..." need a space in ProfessorBadcrumble.


Sheary Warrington "Because Sheary happens to very good at lifting large chests." Should be "be very good".

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